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Tips for Local Business to Stand Out in 'Near Me' Searches

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

A woman searching the best restaurants on Google on her phone.

Have you taken the step to list your business on Google but find yourself frustrated by the lack of visibility in "near me" searches? The challenge is real, but you can fix it.

Search Engine Journal recently came out with an article providing valuable insights on overcoming this hurdle and boosting your business's presence in local searches.

Distance Does Matter

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It's tough for most restaurants to rank high for terms like "best restaurant near me" if they're not close to where the person is searching. Google's local search considers three main things, and how far the restaurant is plays a big role.

So, if a restaurant in Los Angeles wants to be the top pick in New York, it's a challenge unless they offer something special beyond regular dining or have a product that can be shipped.

Relevance and Prominence Are Important Factors

However, here's the silver lining: many local businesses don't have to conquer searches beyond their immediate area. For restaurant owners, pulling in customers from nearby locations through local search is often enough to drive profits.

Even better news, there are ways to help local businesses become more relevant and visible by using popular keywords which we will dive into below.

Strategies to Boost Relevance and Prominence

A man searching the best places to shop on Google on his phone at the streets.

Leverage Review Sites: Search Engine Journal recommends encouraging customers to leave reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor and Yelp, which already rank for terms like "best restaurant near me."

Utilise Keyword-Optimized Reviews: According to Search Engine Journal, businesses can identify keyword phrases in customer reviews that align with their optimization goals and share them on their website and social media pages. For instance, creating a blog post featuring a review with the phrase "best restaurants in New York" can be effective.

Use Local Media: Engaging with local journalists and reviewers can lead to features in articles about the best businesses in the city. Engage with them on the social media platforms where they actively connect with others or have the most significant influence, not necessarily the ones where they post the most frequently.

Work with Social Media Influencers: Recognizing that Google isn't the sole search engine, connect with influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Exploring opportunities for content partnerships on these platforms can be advantageous.

Establish a Fresh Brand to Target Additional Keywords: According to Search Engine Journal, if businesses want to target additional keyword phrases, they can take inspiration from Denny's. Despite being renowned for breakfast, the company created new virtual brands like "The Burger Den" to rank for different terms, such as "best burger near me."

Final Words

In conclusion, ranking on Google presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses. While the physical distance plays a crucial role in rankings, there are other effective strategies to enhance visibility and relevance.

Understanding that not every business needs to dominate searches beyond its immediate locality is empowering, especially for restaurant owners seeking to attract customers from nearby areas. The key takeaway is that there are actionable steps to improve local visibility, and it doesn't necessarily require a national ranking.

So, if you've listed your business on Google but find yourself grappling with limited visibility in "near me" searches, the insights provided above offer a roadmap to not only overcome challenges but also to stand out when it comes to Google searches.


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