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So how did DigiCom come to be?


Years of experience in digital


Clients served around the world


Cups of Coffee

Team leaders

Hemant Varshney
Founder & CEO

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For over 14 years, Hemant has played a pivotal role in all aspects of digital marketing. Starting out as a media manager, he continued on to become a consultant, Head of Growth, and executive at a hyper-growth agency, managing a team of 30+. Outside of work, Hemant loves to travel and has been to more than 40 countries (and counting). 

Mike Constandatos
Growth Marketing Manager

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Mike, an MBA graduate who has a strong dislike for coffee is excited to be in the constantly evolving Digital Marketing field. Mike has been working along side us for the past 3 years and is committed to overcoming any marketing challenge that may present itself. 

Danielle Dror



Danielle leads partnerships and has been in the digital marketing space for 6+ years, gaining vast experience managing accounts across multiple verticals. Workwise, she is detail-oriented and enjoys getting in the weeds of big projects. Lifewise, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her dog, Olivia (mostly staring at her across the room during the work day). 

Vinay Tamta
Growth Marketing Director

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Vinay has 9 years of experience in paid marketing.  He has 2 dogs that are part of the DigiCom family. Vinay enjoys watching Youtube videos to unlock new strategies across digital.

Laura M.
Editor And Copy Writer


Laura is a digital marketing strategist with over 10 years of experience creating integrated marketing campaigns for clients across verticals. With a deep understanding of the entire digital funnel, she creates strategic roadmaps that effectively incorporate social media, email marketing, and content strategy.

John Tsiknas
Sr. Growth Analyst


John is an intricately aware and nuanced Marketer with a keen sense of trends and qualitative behavioral analysis. Proven to have an impact.


In his spare time, John loves to go to the beach, create music and read.

Kate Morrison
Sr. Growth Analyst


Kate is a BS graduate with a passion for marketing, and loves to delve into the intricacies of data analysis. She enjoys solving problems, work-related or otherwise, and likes to think outside the box. In her free time, she enjoys reading excellent books and making not-quite-as-excellent art.

Katarina Blonski
Growth Marketing Analyst

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Katarina enjoys creatively helping individuals and organizations drive business development and marketing strategies to fuel small business growth. She is adept in strategic problem-solving, relationship-building, and time management. In her free time, Katarina loves to travel, meet new people, and learn new skills. 

Srishti Sood
Growth Analyst


Srishti is a data enthusiast and creative problem solver. With a combination of left-brain and right-brain thinking, she strives to bring out innovative ideas for every client she works with. She likes to create music and random DIY projects in her free time. Besides that she loves to travel and explore new places with her dog Google.

Jasveet Kaur
Content Writer

9E80F130-6322-417A-B926-7ABB1F605835 (1)_edited.png

Jasveet has over 3 years of experience in copywriting. She loves being creative and expressing herself through words. Her passion for social media drove her to pursue a career in digital marketing. When she’s not writing, she’s either binge-watching makeup tutorials or keeping up with TikTok trends.

Beatriz Garcia
Designer & Video Editor


Beatriz Garcia is enjoying client-side creative services because she gets to see ideas come to life. She's been a video editor for 3 years says it’s been one of the best self-growth experiences. In her free time, she likes going on solo trips and trying new restaurants.

Soumen Sarkar
Website Developer


Soumen has been coding for the past 15 years. He helps DigiCom clients make changes on the fly avoiding long backlogs. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and playing with his pet GoGo.


Chief Human Officer


Simba is a giant golden-doodle good-boy with 2 years of experience in sitting for treats, playing catch, and swimming. Most days, you can find him visiting our various team members in the office and making sure we keep up a positive, can-do attitude at all times. 

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