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Instagram 2024: Is The Algorithm Algorithming?

According to Social Pilot, there are over 500 million users on Instagram on a daily basis, so if you’re not on Instagram, it might be time to hop on board and start sharing your content there.

While there are 500 million users daily, the catch is, you’re not going to reach all of them. You only reach people who are interested in your content. That’s known as an algorithm.

The thing about algorithms is that it’s always changing to cater to users. It's great for them, but for us marketers, it can be a bit of a headache as we’re always having to change our strategy to accommodate the algorithm.

To make your lives a little easier, we’ve put together this article to help you figure out Instagram’s algorithm in 2024. Basically, we did our research so you don’t have to!

And if you stay till the end, we’ve even compiled some tips and tricks you can implement into your strategy to boost your content, so stick around!

Your Feed and Stories: How Instagram Prioritizes Content


Instagram's algorithm aims to show you posts you're likely to enjoy by understanding your past interactions. This means if you frequently like, comment on, or save posts related to a specific topic, similar content will appear more often in your feed. 

The platform uses machine learning to understand your behavior patterns and predict your interests, ensuring your feed is filled with content you find engaging and relevant​.


Freshness is a key factor in the Instagram algorithm. Newer posts are given higher priority, making them more likely to appear at the top of your feed. So, if your friend just posted a photo of their lunch, you're more likely to see it at the top of your feed than something they posted a week ago. 

This ensures that the content you see is current and up-to-date, rather than old posts that may no longer be relevant. With that being said, you need to post regularly so that your content consistently appears fresh and timely.


Instagram places a strong emphasis on your interactions with other users. If you frequently engage with certain accounts—whether through likes, comments, or direct messages—posts from these accounts will be prioritized in your feed. 

Building and maintaining relationships through consistent interaction can help keep your posts visible to your followers.


How often you check Instagram influences the content you see. Regular users who check the app multiple times a day are shown more chronological content, keeping them up-to-date with the latest posts. 

On the other hand, users who check less frequently see a mix of the most relevant and engaging posts since their last visit. This balance ensures that casual users still see the best content without feeling overwhelmed.


The number of accounts you follow also affects your feed. If you follow many accounts, Instagram curates the most relevant and engaging posts to prevent your feed from becoming cluttered. 

This selective approach helps ensure that you see high-quality content from a diverse range of accounts. For influencers and businesses, this means creating engaging and relevant posts is crucial to stand out among the many accounts your followers might be following.


The amount of time you spend on Instagram determines the diversity of the content you see. Short frequent visits will show you prioritized content that is most relevant to you. 

Longer sessions, however, will offer a broader range of posts, giving you the chance to explore different types of content and discover new accounts. This encourages users to spend more time on the platform by providing a richer and more varied experience​ 

Discovering New Content: The Explore Page

The Explore page on Instagram is a fantastic place to find new accounts and content that you might enjoy. For example, if you love dog content, you probably see a lot of dog videos/images on your Explore page.

Here's how Instagram learns what you love:


Instagram pays attention to what you do on the app. Every time you like, save, or share a post, it learns more about what you enjoy. 

For example, if you often like posts about travel, Instagram will notice and start showing you more travel-related content. 

On the Explore page, you’ll see posts from accounts you don’t follow but are similar to the ones you interact with regularly. 

User Engagement

Instagram also looks at how popular a post is when deciding what to show you on the Explore page. If a lot of people are liking, commenting on, and sharing a post, it's more likely to appear there. 

Think of it as Instagram recommending content that lots of other users find interesting or engaging. 


To make the Explore page even more relevant to you, Instagram uses advanced technology to predict what you might like based on your past behavior. 

This technology, known as machine learning, helps the app understand your preferences better and suggest new content that aligns with them. 

Engaging and Entertaining: Reels

Reels are Instagram’s answer to short, fun videos, and the algorithm that decides which Reels to promote works a bit differently compared to other parts of the app. 

Here's how they usually work:

Entertainment Value

Instagram loves Reels that are entertaining and keep people watching until the end. If your Reel is fun, engaging, and makes people want to watch it all the way through, Instagram is more likely to show it to more people. 

If your video is catchy and holds viewers' attention, the algorithm will prioritize it, making it more visible to others.

Quality and Trends

High-quality videos, especially those that tap into current trends, are more likely to get noticed. If you create a Reel that is visually appealing and follows what's popular right now, it stands a better chance of being promoted. 

For instance, if there’s a trending challenge or a popular meme, jumping on that bandwagon with a well-made video can increase your chances of getting featured. 

Engagement History

Just like with regular posts, the Reels you interact with influence what you see. If you often like, comment on, or share Reels about cooking, for example, Instagram will show you more cooking Reels. 

It’s Instagram’s way of saying, “Hey, we noticed you enjoy this kind of content, here’s more of it!” This makes your experience more personalized and enjoyable.

Audio Tracks

Using popular songs or sounds in your Reels can give them a boost. If a particular audio track is trending and you use it in your video, Instagram is more likely to promote your Reel. 

It’s similar to how popular songs on the radio get played more often. If your Reel features a trendy song, it’s more likely to catch on and be shown to more users.

Tips to Boost Your Instagram Presence


Imagine you're following a food blogger on Instagram. You love their recipes and look forward to seeing new ones every week. However, if they only post sporadically, you might forget about them or lose interest. 

As a business, consistent posting keeps you engaged and ensures you're regularly appearing in your followers' feeds.


Instagram is like a two-way street. You can’t just post content and call it a day, you also need to interact with your audience. 

For instance, if you're a fashion influencer and you post a photo of a new outfit, ask your followers which accessory they like best or where they would wear the outfit. Respond to their comments to keep the conversation going.

Not to mention, not replying to comments can also make you appear snobbish and indifferent, potentially alienating your audience and hindering the growth of your Instagram community.


We humans are visual creatures, which is why high-quality videos tend to perform well on platforms like Instagram. 

When you're a travel blogger sharing photos of your adventures, you need to make sure your pictures are clear, well-composed, and visually appealing. People are naturally drawn to stunning imagery, and they're more likely to engage with content that looks professional and polished. 

So, investing time and effort into creating eye-catching visuals can significantly boost your engagement and make your Instagram feed stand out.


Timing is key on Instagram. If you're a fitness coach posting workout tips, consider when your audience is most likely to be active—maybe early mornings or evenings after work. 

Posting at these times increases the chances of your content being seen and interacted with.


Jumping on trends and challenges can give your content a boost. Let's say there's a viral dance challenge sweeping through Instagram. 

If you're a dance instructor, creating a video of yourself participating in the challenge can attract attention from a wider audience who are also following the trend.

Final Words

To sum it all up, Instagram is like a busy city with loads of people, each with their own interests and preferences. Understanding how the platform works can help you stand out in the crowd. 

So, remember to keep it real, have fun, and enjoy connecting with your followers. After all, Instagram's all about sharing your story and building connections. Happy gramming!


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