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SEO Writing Tips: List of Free Keyword Research Tools

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If you're an SEO writer, you're most certainly familiar with the term “keywords”. Basically, keyword research is an essential aspect of any SEO strategy. Using high-quality keywords efficiently is one of the finest ways to obtain constant, devoted traffic to your website, regardless of whether you're relaunching an existing blog or designing your content plan for a new one.

However, most premium keyword research tools can be pricey, and not everyone has the financial resources, to begin with, a paid keyword research tool. Lucky for you, we’re here!

In this article, we compiled a list of top free keyword research tools if you want to find the strongest keywords, do effective keyword research, and improve the SEO of your website.

Let’s jump right in!

Google Trend

Google Trends shows you what subjects are popular in different parts of the world. Google Trends may be used to research search patterns in your business, gain a broad overview of recently emerging topics, or gauge the popularity of a particular topic.

Google Trends also helps if you want to quickly determine if a keyword is growing in popularity or losing ground. When you're developing long-term cornerstone material for your site, it may actually come in handy because it can show you which keywords are growing upward vs downward.

Notable characteristics

Trend maps based on real-time data from Google

Options for viewing data from Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube may be accessed by conducting a search.

Searching for mentions of particular keywords on specific kinds of web pages is made possible by category breakdown.

Price: Free


Serpstat provides quick, thorough keyword analysis. Its simple-to-read reports include information such as search traffic, keyword difficulty, ranking pages, and more. This data is easier to understand thanks to graphs and other visual aids. Serpstat includes customized tools for several research categories.

Notable Characteristics

Tool for content marketing that creates probable search questions

Access to Serpstat's collection of website analytics tools

A tool for advertising research that enables you to look through relevant advertising samples


Users who are not registered with Serpstat may do up to 10 free searches each day. Up to 30 daily searches can be done for free by registered users.

Moreover, they have subscription services that provide you access to additional features like seeing more thorough URL analytics statistics and thousands of daily searches.

Lite plan – $69/month for 4,000 queries per day.

Standard plan – $149/month for 5,000 queries per day.

Advanced plan – $299/month for 8,000 queries per day.

Enterprise plan – $499/month for 12,000 queries per day.

Google Keyword Planner

A well-known tool for keyword research is Google Keyword Planner. That's for a good reason—this tool makes it simple for you to locate high-quality keywords on which to base your website's content and marketing initiatives. Utilize a small selection of keywords to research the popularity of each term, the amount of advertising competition, and possible replacement terms that could be more effective for your marketing.

Notable Characteristics

Direct access to up-to-date information via Google search

Experience seamless Google AdWords integration.

Create lists of keywords depending on various campaigns, prospective revenue, and other factors.

Price: Free

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

You may use a program called the AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator to find different keyword combinations. The generator will take up to three lists of keywords and combine them in as many different ways as it can to offer you a variety of combinations to pick from.

This is one of the most straightforward tools on the list, but it's also one of the most effective because it lets you make combinations for hundreds of keywords at once.

Notable Characteristics

The keyword lists have three spaces.

There are several options for how to present keyword combinations.

Instant permutation creation for several keywords.

Price: Free


SpyFu examines the websites and marketing initiatives of your rivals to provide you with information on their performance, keyword rankings, and other factors. You can ask for a thorough PDF report if you require more information than what is shown on their web dashboard.

Notable Characteristics

List both organic and paid keywords on the site of your rival that has a high ranking

Get a comprehensive PDF report or export all outcomes to CSV

Graphs that show paid and organic competition depending on related keywords


The SpyFu tool's free edition, while allowing limitless searches, only provides a limitable amount of data.

Upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions to have access to comprehensive lists of rival keywords and any other data SpyFu links

Basic plan – $33/month for 5,000 tracked keywords.

Professional plan – $58/month for 15,000 tracked keywords.

Team plan – $199/month for 40,000 tracked keywords.


SEMrush is a robust collection of tools that makes it simple to design successful content, do keyword research, assess the SEO of your website, and generate effectively optimized content. They provide a number of Google connections to provide you with the most thorough site diagnostics currently accessible.

Notable Characteristics

A comprehensive examination of certain keywords based on real-time data, including ranking difficulty and the average cost-per-click rate (CPC)

All SEMRush features are accessible, including in-depth site diagnostics

Detailed keyword lists based on actual data

All of SEMrush's tools are accessible without charge, however, you are limited to 10 requests daily. Moreover, you can only make an SEO dashboard for a single website.


You must purchase one of their premium plans in order to build several projects for various websites, carry out an infinite number of activities each day, and monitor up to 500 keywords.

Pro plan – $99.95/month for 3,000 daily searches.

Guru plan – $199.95/month for 5,000 daily searches.

Business plan – $399.95/month for 10,000 daily searches.

Final Words

Take into account your requirements and the goal behind your keyword research before selecting the ideal free tool for your company or brand. Eliminating keyword research solutions that blatantly fail to meet your demands may be facilitated by being aware of the qualities that are required to assist you to reach your own marketing objectives.


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