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Learn to Follow the Lead of SEO Professionals


Business graduates often complain that SEO is not taught in most colleges. While SEO is not a new phenomenon – it continues to evolve. But this puts an added burden on brands and businesses to keep up with new SEO trends and practices.

So, how does one become an SEO guru, and what is the best way for brands to follow the lead of SEO professionals? Well, SEO experts are often traditional marketers, journalists, and entrepreneurs.

Without diving straight into the technical aspects of SEO, brands should understand “why”, “when”, and “how” SEO professionals make certain search engine optimization moves.

Here are the best ways you can follow in the footsteps of SEO professionals:

Identify Key Problems

Like SEO pros, establish the things you want and can solve for your customers. As much as keywords matter, figure out what your target audience is searching for and how you can address their problems.

Perform an SEO Audit

While performing an SEO audit is not straightforward, businesses should not avoid it. Hire an experienced SEO expert to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit regularly. It will help you understand the big picture and the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

SEO audit helps businesses understand their current ranking and status on search engines and helps identify opportunities to boost site ranking.

Keyword Research

It may sound like an obvious recommendation, but there’s more to keyword research than most brands realize. Identifying and incorporating targeted keywords is a continuous process and requires proactive research. So, consider primary, secondary, short-tail, long-tail, LSI, and other types of keywords that can help you rank higher on SERPs.

Improve Loading Speed of Landing Page

Since Google prioritizes user experience over most elements, improve the loading speed of your site homepage. How fast people can access your site translates into how fast people get the information.

Improve Technical SEO

It is normal for small business owners to not understand the technical aspects of SEO. Get the help of an SEO expert to dive deep into technical SEO and expand your understanding of how your site impacts your organic ranking on search engines.

On-page SEO Optimization

On-page optimization involves elements like title tags and content that control and impact “how” your website pages rank online. After technical SEO, expand your reach to your target audience and understand their intent based on keyword research. And this helps you to optimize the on-page SEO of your website.

Optimize Site for Mobile

Data shows that over 60% of all online searches stem from mobile devices. In fact, 8 out of 10 people now search on Google via their smartphone. Not to mention, Google ranks content higher on search engine results that are optimized for mobile. You can check how your site ranks for mobile optimization via Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Don’t Overlook Local SEO

Without local SEO efforts, you probably won’t get positive online reviews. Local SEO should be a crucial part of your content marketing strategy. Local SEO is the best way for a startup or small business to attract customers in a specific city or town. Local SEO makes competing against close competitors easier and helps you stand out locally.

Build Internal and External Links

Building a solid link structure around internal links is crucial. Your web pages should be able to interconnect, and it helps you rank higher on SERPs. Businesses should also build their site authority through external links. And instead of quantity, focus on the quality of integrated external links to build credibility and reputation online.

Focus on the Big Picture

Begin from the top and then move to the technical SEO factors. After that, it is up to you how deep you want to go down the SEO rabbit hole. The good news is that there are enough resources available online to master SEO and boost ranking on search engine results pages.

Remember, SEO practices should complement your digital marketing efforts and help you build a solid online presence. You should also be open to making adjustments to your SEO strategy to maintain a competitive edge.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for advice about how to develop an effective and successful digital marketing strategy for the next year that takes these aspects and information into account, DigiCom can help you streamline your PPC and SEO strategies. Contact us, and we will help you develop an effective online content marketing strategy.

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