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7 Fun Ways to Share Stories on Socials That Grab Attention!

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We all love a good story. Nothing like that gripping chapter in your favorite book that you can't put down.

But here's where it gets exciting: What if we told you that you can bring that same level of interest and engagement into your social media? And with nearly 4.9 billion people worldwide active users of social media, think about the engagement you can get with the right content!

Social media is where these digital stories come to life—it's like a virtual campfire where everyone gathers to share and experience stories. It's not just about posting updates or pictures; it's about creating narratives that resonate with people, that make them laugh, think, or feel connected.

So, grab your coffee and get ready as we uncover not just one or two but seven fantastic ways to tell engaging stories on your social media!

Why Should You Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Social Media?

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Think about it, as a customer would you like it if businesses are too salesy with their pitch or content? I don't know about you but I would immediately hit the unfollow button.

Instead, businesses should shift their approach by incorporating interesting storylines into their content. This not only keeps the audience engaged but also sparks genuine interest.

The power of storytelling also has the potential to attract new followers and more importantly, retain them.

Besides, this approach not only humanises the brand but also resonates with customers on a deeper level, making them more likely to stay and actively engage with the content.

Basically what we're trying to convey is that the art of storytelling transforms the customer experience from a mere transaction to a journey that really sticks with your customers.

Great, Now How Do You Do That?

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Just Like Any Other Stories, It Needs An Arc

Planning your social media content is like visualising a story for your business. It's not just about each post; it's about the whole adventure you're taking your audience on.

Before you start sharing your first content, think about where you want your business to be in the future. Picture it one year or even five years down the road. Who are the people you want to reach, and how can you grow in different places?

Every tweet, blog, video, or picture you share isn't just a one-time thing. They're like puzzle pieces that, when put together, tell the whole story of your brand.

Imagine each piece of content as a small part of a bigger journey. That journey has a starting point, a middle part, and an ending. It's not just about what you're posting today; it's about how it all adds up to where you want your business to be.

So, when you plan your social media, think about the bigger picture. Make each post contribute to the larger story of your brand. That way, you're not just posting; you're creating a connection with your audience, step by step.

Use Visuals, Not Just Words

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Opt for showing instead of just telling in your advertising, whether it's on social media or elsewhere. But, what does this really mean?

For starters, you could craft an attention-grabbing video, or pair an eye catching visual with a catchy title to swiftly convey your message (or the core of it). Considering the brief attention spans, it's about making your point crystal clear and visually appealing within those precious few seconds. In fact, studies reveal that the content people love the most on social media is short videos.

For example, trying posting behind the scenes videos. Take your followers behind the curtain by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your brand or team. Whether it's showcasing the creative process, introducing team members, or revealing upcoming projects, these behind-the-scenes stories provide a human touch, making your brand more relatable and authentic.

Work On Your Writing

Writing is important! I know we mentioned using visuals earlier but words help too. They work hand in hand to narrate the story you want to tell your audience. But, what if you’re not an experienced writer? Well, the truth is anyone can write! You don't have to be an expert in any particular genre to master storytelling on social media.

What truly captivates attention is a blend of creativity, authenticity, and a message that gets straight to the point—or at least hints at the incredible things in store.

And let's not overlook the significance of SEO writing in the world of search and social media. The right keywords aren't just words; they're the key to reaching the right people.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

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Influencer collaborations are like an opportunity to intertwine your brand's story with the personal stories of influencers. But how do you do that? You need to work closely with influencers to create content that resonates with both your brand and their audience, for example:

Doing Takeovers

Let influencers take charge of your social media for a bit. They can share their own content, offering your audience a glimpse of their world. It would be like having a special guest, injecting a fresh perspective into your usual content!

Joint Campaigns

When your brand and influencers team up for a specific project or campaign. You're basically saying, "Hey, let's combine our superpowers!" This way, you reach more people, and your message gets louder and clearer.

Co-Created Content

This involves a collaborative effort, where you and influencers work together to produce engaging content—videos, blog posts, and more. It's a creative fusion of your brand and their style, resulting in content that feels authentic and relatable to their followers.

PRO TIP: The key is to pick influencers whose values align with your brand. When you do this, you're conveying your stories in a way that feels totally natural, building connection and trust. It's not just about reaching a new crowd; it's about connecting through shared values and interests.

Engage with Your Followers

Make use of the tools available in social media platforms to figure out what your audience likes. Analyzing your social media data provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your posts across different channels.

Look at your analytics to find out what really works. It could be a specific post, a longer blog, an ebook that people liked before, or even a funny video that got lots of shares. Use these insights to guide you in creating new and interesting stories.

You can also try new things like going live on Facebook, following the latest trends on TikTok, or making witty videos to convey messages in a refreshing manner.

PRO TIP: Keep in mind that followers who have been with you for a while might get tired of seeing the same content on their social feeds. So, mix it up and be creative whenever you can!

Connect with Your Audience Where It Matters, In Their Hearts

Okay, let's say you've done your homework, really know your current customers.

When you're promoting your brand or launching a campaign, the real trick is making your product hit home for people. I'm not talking about a fleeting interest; I mean something that sticks around.

Once you nail down what really clicks with your crowd, that's when you weave a story – the main storyline of your brand and a bunch of shorter ones – to show it has some genuine emotions behind it.

For example, say you're in the business of selling clothes that are all about being kind to the planet. Instead of just saying, "Hey, we're eco-friendly," dig into what your customers deeply care about. If it's all about saving Mother Earth, your brand story could be about how every piece you sell is a little win for the environment.

Throw in short snippets showing how each item makes a positive impact. Now, your brand isn't just clothes; it's a part of something your customers genuinely care about.

User Generated Content (UGC)

When you're short on stories, let your customers do the talking. After all, User-Generated Content Stories have proven to be very effective!

Encourage your followers to share their own stories about your brand, product, or service. The realness of these shared stories fosters a strong sense of community and showcases the diverse voices within your audience.

It's a celebration of the community that revolves around your brand, showing that your brand is a part of people's everyday lives.

How Is UGC Different From Influencer Content?

Now, when we talk about User-Generated Content, we mean content that comes from your regular customers and followers—basically, anyone who wants to share their honest experiences. It's all about being real and offering different points of view.

On the flip side, Influencer Content is what you get when you team up with people who have a big following. It's still genuine, but sometimes it's seen as a bit more planned out.

User-Generated Content Stories make your community feel directly involved in the storytelling, while influencer collaborations help more people notice your brand through a specific lens.

Each way has its own perks, with User-Generated Content Stories showcasing your community's collective experiences and influencer collaborations offering a more planned-out angle to your brand's story.

Final Words

Bottom line is, you need to take advantage of the fact that social media is everywhere—it's like a giant town square where you can chat and build relationships with your customers.

Social media is more than just posting updates; it's your chance to really connect with your audience. It's not just a trend; it's a smart way to make real connections and help your business flourish.


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