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You Can Now Build Complete Websites Using Wix's AI Site Generator?

Wix AI Site Generator
Image credits: Wix Blog

In a bid to revolutionize the time-consuming process of website building, Wix is gearing up to introduce its ingenious AI Site Generator. This cutting-edge program promises to handle the entire website creation process, from crafting the text and selecting images to seamlessly integrating e-commerce features, all based on the customer's specific requirements.

While other website builders already offer pre-designed templates for convenience, Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami emphasizes that the AI Site Generator transcends the conventional cookie-cutter approach. It takes personalization to the next level by delivering a truly unique website, tailor-made to suit each customer's individual needs, all accomplished through the power of AI and sophisticated algorithms.

Wix's latest innovation, the AI Site Generator, holds the promise of a website-building revolution, slashing the time it traditionally takes to create a captivating online presence.

In a video demonstration of the new feature, the "Wix AI" starts by asking the user about the purpose of the website they want to create. The user responds, stating that they need a fitness site and provides additional details about the offerings. The AI chatbot then inquires if there are any other specific details to consider.

In the final step, the chatbot presents sample pictures of fitness trainers from Wix's extensive media library, the AI effortlessly incorporates stock images to complement the site's aesthetics. and requests the user to select the one that best aligns with the desired style and feel. Once the user makes their choice, they proceed to click the "Generate Site" button.

A woman talking to her colleague while pointing to her laptop.

The AI's intelligence shines through in its ability to construct eye-catching homepages, complete with engaging videos, cleverly employing discounts to promote businesses, and strategically placing customer testimonials as compelling pull quotes. Users can then further personalize the website by instructing the AI to implement specific changes where desired.

ChatGPT homepage on a laptop

Behind the scenes, OpenAI's ChatGPT comes into play, masterfully crafting the text for the generated websites, while Wix's creative team focuses on the design and images. The amalgamation of in-house and out-of-the-box AI models ensures a dynamic and robust website-building experience.

Wix's visionary CEO, Avishai Abrahami, confidently asserts that this groundbreaking approach will soon become a tangible reality, dispelling any doubts about the seemingly magical ease of website creation.

Abrahami also describes the groundbreaking aspect of this innovation as not merely relying on templates but rather creating an entirely bespoke website that perfectly aligns with its content. In essence, Wix's AI Site Generator represents a remarkable leap forward, combining technology and design to offer an unparalleled website-building experience for users. Get ready to witness the future of web creation, where AI brings a touch of magic and personalization to every virtual corner of the internet!

Beyond this remarkable feat, Wix also has plans to leverage AI to offer suggestions and enhancements for existing websites, indicating an exciting future where AI will be a driving force in the evolution of web development.

While the specific pricing details for these cutting-edge features remain under wraps, it's evident that Wix's AI-powered advancements are set to unleash a new era of website creation, making dreams of a stunning online presence closer to reality than ever before. Brace yourself for the transformative power of AI and prepare to witness the website-building landscape forever changed.


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