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Why Pinterest Is A Logical Fit For Your Marketing Campaign

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

There is an inherent advantage for companies using Pinterest for marketing: The Pinterest community loves to shop!

Check out these facts, courtesy of Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest users are 90% more likely to say they’re always shopping.

  2. Pinterest users are 30% more likely to say they love shopping.

  3. Pinterest shoppers spend 80% more per month than other platforms’ users.

  4. Pinterest users have 40% larger basket sizes.

These numbers show why Pinterest is an absolute gem in the paid community and can help take your marketing campaign to the next level.


Social mediums provide unique opportunities for companies to find the right fit for their brand and product. Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook all have different audiences.

Pinterest, with its “pins” and sharing capabilities, allows for the discovery of new products and ideas, making it the ideal environment for introducing net new audiences to your brand and getting qualified users into your marketing funnel. Pinterest’s audience has a clear desire to find new things and invest. A report says that 98% of Pinterest users have tried something they found on Pinterest.

Women make up more than 60% of Pinterest’s global audience, according to Pinterest, which is a relevant statistic since women lead 70-80 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions, according to Forbes. Women between the ages of 24-35 are Pinterest’s largest audience, and eighty percent of mothers on social media use Pinterest, according to

Pinterest also is seeing an increase in usage by males, generation Z and U.S. millennial users among its’ more than 400 million monthly users, according to its data. Forty-five percent of its users come from a household with an income of more than $100K, per that report.

The odds are that Pinterest’s audience fits your demographic, mainly because of its users’ willingness to find new products and, more importantly, actually invest in them.


Pinterest provides opportunities for different types of marketing campaigns, whether it’s focused on brand awareness, conversion campaigns or app installations, among others. Pinterest’s “pins” allow for your brand and product to be seen and distributed among millions of users.

Pinterest has a lower average cost per click (cpc) than Facebook and Instagram, according to, which is beneficial for companies working with smaller budgets. But don’t let that fool you. Remember, Pinterest’s audience is ready to shop. Pinterest is suited for your marketing campaigns and also can be helpful with your search engine optimization.

A successful Pinterest campaign requires creativity and strong storytelling. Your pins need to tell your brand’s story in an engaging way that will entice shoppers to click. The great part about Pinterest is you can constantly shuffle in new pins to complement your existing ones. Find the messaging that resonates best with your audience and capitalize on that knowledge.


One vital number to note is that 97% percent of the top Pinterest searches are unbranded, according to Pinterest. The same report lists that 85% of Pinterest users use Pinterest when they are starting a new project, which opens the door for your product to be found.

That’s a staggering statistic which showcases how the right messaging, branding and creativity can point a new audience in the direction of your product. They initially may not know they’re looking for your brand/company, but a strong campaign can land their business!

Pinterest allows for the traditional targeting demographics, but there are also flexible targeting opportunities. Your brand could target those who already visited your site or engaged with your Pinterest content. Maybe those who behave similarly to your audience or those who have similar interests. Your brand can choose to go as narrow or as broad as you want depending on your outreach goals.

Looking to reach a niche audience? Then perhaps keyword targeting is the solution for you. If your product or campaign matches what a Pinterest user is searching for, a new customer could be headed your way. Make sure to select keywords that are a good fit for your company or product, leveraging creatives and messaging that align with these search terms to successfully capitalize on this function.


Pinterest allows for various marketing campaigns, so find the one that is best suited for your goals. You could use a still image, a video, an app installation and even a carousel. Remember to have a strong story that works in a visual format and hooks the user right away.

For companies selling apparel, Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” dynamic ad format is a fantastic tool to utilize since it allows companies to link out to various products within one advertisement. White dots showcase the different items in the ad, and users can click on them to be led to the product.

Pinterest reports that brands that use shopping ads on Pinterest enjoy three times the conversion and sales lift and two times the positive incremental return on ad spend.

With the right branding and messaging, your company can be among those that have enjoyed and found success using Pinterest for their marketing campaigns.

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