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TikTok is Now Leading the Streaming Platform Game

The verdict is in: Americans are now spending more time on TikTok than YouTube.

To put this into perspective, the App Annie Market Data report found that in 2021, Android users spend an average of 24.5 hours monthly on TikTok compared to 22 hours on YouTube. The gap was much wider in 2019 at the start of TikTok’s rapid increase in users, when Americans were spending only about 16 hours per month on TikTok and 21.5 on YouTube. The quick info-bites media platform grew its user engagement significantly, whereas engagement on YouTube has stayed fairly stable.

Americans play a leading role in the platform’s success with the UK following in second place, but other countries like South Korea spend as much as double the amount of time on YouTube over TikTok (about 40 hours vs 17 hours monthly).

Based on the report, TikTok grew their user engagement faster than any other app they’ve researched – including Facebook.

Let’s take a look at TikTok compared to Facebook: users spent a monthly average of 15.5 hours on Facebook while TikTok users logged only around 13. Cue 2020 and TikTok’s user engagement doubles, with users spending 21.5 hours per month on the app. Over the same span of time, Facebook usage increased to only about 17 hours monthly.

To further their exploration of the streaming service world, App Annie also looked into Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. Spoiler alert – YouTube gets the win here.

The report shows that people spend much, much more time on YouTube than on any other (of the above) streaming platforms. For reference: Android users spend, on average, 23.1 hours per month on YouTube while logging only 5.7 on Netflix, 4.3 on Hulu, and 2.7 on Amazon Prime.

Clubhouse, an invite-only audio platform has also made its debut in 2021 and is paving the way for a social audio age. Research shows that the app has seen over 25 million downloads as of early summer this year.

In the words of App Annie, “Our social habits formed during the pandemic are sticking around — and deepening. In the world of social, short-form video is king”. TikTok and YouTube are in the lead in user engagement among video streaming apps. Read App Annie’s full report here.


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