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Threads By Instagram Is Now Available On Web Browsers?

Thread's homepage on web

As many of you are likely aware, Instagram made a significant move last month by introducing Threads, a platform that has already captured the attention of an astounding 120 million users. The public's response was nothing short of remarkable, with the platform striking a chord and gaining immense popularity.

Did you know that Threads also achieved an extraordinary feat by becoming the fastest-growing app in history, gathering a staggering 100 million users within a mere five days?

However, there was a limitation that accompanied the initial excitement. It was accessible solely through its Android and iOS apps. Recognizing the fervor surrounding Threads and the desire for more accessibility, Instagram stepped up and delivered.

They recently launched the web version of Threads, effectively dismantling the confines of phone exclusivity. This move welcomed a wider audience, ensuring that individuals with internet connectivity could now partake in the Threads phenomenon. How exciting!

In the past, Instagram has shown a careful approach to bringing its platforms to the web, emphasizing mobile usage. The fact that Threads is now available on web browsers less than two months after its initial launch marks a notable shift from the company's usual approach.

Users can now employ any web browser to visit for utilizing this social media platform. This entails viewing posts, engaging with them, and creating personal threads. While the initial iteration of the web app may seem basic, additional features are anticipated in the upcoming months as Instagram aims to align the web version with its smartphone applications.

Adam Mosseri's broadcast channel

The disclosure about the web version of Threads was presented by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram. Similar to the mobile app, the web variant of Threads encompasses five tabs: Home, Search, Post, Notifications, and Profile. Users can like, repost, or forward threads, leave comments, unfollow profiles, and report threads.

You'll also notice a switch labeled For You / Following located in the bottom left corner of the screen. This switch allows you to toggle between two feed options: one personalized specifically for you, and another featuring posts exclusively from the profiles you're following. However, certain actions like profile editing and sending posts to Instagram DMs are still limited on the web version. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the platform remains inaccessible in European Union (EU) countries due to privacy concerns.

What Does This Mean For Marketers?

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The introduction of Threads on the web might indicate a shift towards platform integration, where applications originally limited to mobile devices are realizing the benefits of expanding their reach.

Considering that alternatives similar to X, such as Bluesky, are available through browsers, Instagram's choice to extend Threads could be seen as a strategic move to stay competitive in the field.

The launch of Threads' web interface is a noteworthy development in the technology sector, emphasizing how platforms once confined to particular devices are now more adaptable and versatile.

Apart from expanding opportunities for a wider user interaction, the fresh web edition of Threads offers marketers the ability to connect with their desired audiences across various devices.

This presents brands, which may have concerns regarding safety on alternative social platforms, with a more available avenue to engage their audiences via Instagram.


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