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Not Driving Campaign Success With Native Ads?

A woman looking at native ads at her phone and smiling

I’m sure you’ve scrolled through your favorite social media feed or read an article online. And among the posts or articles, you come across something that looks like a regular post or article but is actually an advertisement.

This ad doesn't stand out with flashy banners or pop-ups; instead, it seamlessly blends in with the content around it, matching the style and format. That my friend, is what we call a native ad!

It's designed to fit right in, so you might not even realize it's an ad at first glance. The idea is to make advertising feel less intrusive and more like a natural part of the platform you're using. 

Native ads can show up in various forms, such as sponsored articles, videos, or posts, aiming to provide you with relevant content while still serving the advertiser's goals. They're like chameleons of advertising, adapting to the environment to catch your attention in a more subtle way.

5 Tips Nail Your Native Ads: Getting People Interested

Now that you know what native ads are, it's time to make yours grab attention. Here are 6 practical tips to create native ads that grab attention and get people engaged.

Craft an Irresistible Headline

A woman thinking of a good headline for her native ads on her laptop while drinking a cup of coffee

Crafting an attention-grabbing headline is crucial for a native ad, as it's often the first thing users notice. To make it impactful, consider these strategies:

Grab Attention with a Great Headline: Your headline in a native ad is like the first impression. It's what people see first, so you want it to be catchy. One effective way is to ask a question that gets people thinking. Just make sure the content of your ad answers that question, or people might not stick around.

Keep it Simple, Skip the Fancy Words: Sometimes, experts use words that sound smart to them but confuse everyone else. In your ad, avoid using jargon or complicated terms. If people can't understand what you're saying, they won't click on your ad. Make your ad content simple and easy to get, so it connects with the people you're trying to reach.

Make the Most of Your Description for More Clicks

A woman typing a good description for her native ads on site using her laptop. with a cup of coffee on her left

Native ads offer a unique advantage – you're not confined to just a headline. Use the description (or subheading) to give users a sneak peek of what to expect by clicking through.

It doesn't have to be time consuming or complicated. When composing your ad's description, just look into your content for inspiration. Pick a compelling line from your blog or landing page and repurpose it here. 

The key is to ensure the description summarizes what your audience stands to gain. If your headline poses a question, go ahead and drop the answer right in the description.

Make Sure to Have a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Native ads are fantastic for boosting brand awareness, and they can be real click-through powerhouses. Many brands tap into the high click-through rates of native advertising for campaigns that need immediate user responses.

No matter your campaign type, it's a good move to include a crystal-clear CTA. Be straightforward about the action you want users to take. For instance, if your native ad aims to drive users to sign up for a webinar, your CTA should explicitly convey that. In this case, your CTA could be something like, "Click here to reserve your spot."

Write Native Ad Content in Simple, Everyday Language

Think  about it, would you read something that's too complicated? Instead of taking a few seconds of your day, you might have to spend a significant amount of time trying to understand it, which people don't really have time or the attention span for. If your native ad copy is too complicated or lengthy, or if it sounds too much like a textbook, you risk losing the attention of people scrolling through. 

Audiences prefer a friendly and conversational tone that feels relatable, like chatting over a cup of coffee. So, aim for simplicity and authenticity to keep your audience engaged.

Guide Users to Quality Content

A woman in a red top looking at her phone on the streets

A good strategy is to base your native campaign on content that truly engages your audience. Your native ad should lead them to a blog, landing page, or another piece of content that offers real value.

This content should provide answers, valuable information, or entertainment. By genuinely benefiting your audience, you'll earn their trust and cultivate a positive relationship. Whether it's a clever tip or an entertaining video, the key is to make your content memorable and something people want to share.

Final Words

Picture a world where tailor-made ads seamlessly meets the effectiveness of content – that's what native advertising is all about. 

No matter the native ad style you opt for, diving into native advertising can boost your audience growth, prompt actions, and elevate your content marketing game. It's a versatile and advantageous addition to any multi-channel strategy. Ready to explore the possibilities? Let's get started with native advertising!


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