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Microsoft's New Tool to Supercharge Your Ad Earnings – Here's How!

A woman looking at her Monetize Insights dashboard on Microsoft

Microsoft Advertising has introduced Monetize Insights, a new analytics dashboard designed to assist marketers in keeping a close eye on and improving their advertising earnings. This tool is part of Microsoft's Monetize platform and is now available worldwide.

Excited to find out more about this feature? You're in the right place! We've created this article to guide you through understanding this new addition.

Diving into Monetize Insights

Key Features of Monetize Insights:

Visual Overview

Screenshot from Microsoft page

Monetize Insights offers publishers easy-to-understand graphs and comparison charts, giving them a quick and comprehensive look at how well they're doing.

Detailed Analysis

The dashboard above is like a magnifying glass, allowing you to really zoom in on the specifics of what's behind your earnings. You can explore data about what's working in your ad space, what's generating revenue, and even track changes over time. This way, you can easily spot any issues, recognize trends, and grab opportunities to increase your overall earnings.

According to Christopher Walmsley, a top manager at Microsoft, using easy-to-understand data analytics is like having a helpful tool for marketers. It allows them to locate problems faster, figure out what's wrong more quickly, and make sure they're not missing out on potential earnings. 

So, the dashboard has two main parts: Total Revenue and Bid Rejection. The Total Revenue part makes it easy to track how well your business is doing across different channels, buyers, and brands. You can see details like revenue gained, impressions, ad requests, and how often ads are filled.

Screenshot from Microsoft page

The Bid Rejection part helps you see what's stopping you from making more money, like issues with ad quality, pricing, or demand. This way, you can understand how your settings might be affecting your earnings and make changes to unblock this.

How Can Marketers Benefit from Monetize Insights?

Monetize Insights by Microsoft is created to make things easier for marketers. It guides you through your work and saves you time. You won't have to spend ages setting up complicated dashboards or doing reports manually.

This new tool is ready to use for everyone using the Monetize platform around the world. If you're a marketer looking to give it a shot, just log in to your Monetize account and turn on Monetize Insights. It's that simple!

Final Words

As a digital marketer, having a clear view of how your ads are performing is important to help you make prompt decisions on what to improve.

With the launch of Monetize Insights, Microsoft Advertising aims to give you an effective analytics hub. This tool helps you keep an eye on and understand what's boosting your revenue and what isn't.


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