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LinkedIn's Newsletter: Latest Updates You Can't Miss!

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LinkedIn is unveiling some exciting new features aimed at enhancing the newsletter experience for both creators and readers. These fresh features are a direct response to the soaring popularity of newsletters on the platform over the past year.

According to the LinkedIn team:

"We’re seeing people reading and engaging with newsletters more and more: to learn, explore a topic they’re interested in, and get better at their jobs. In fact, newsletter readership has tripled over the past year, now with more than 1.3M daily readers."

To keep the creative juices flowing and the newsletter distribution seamless, LinkedIn is rolling out the following enhancements.

Streamlined Publishing Process

The redesigned article editor is meticulously crafted to offer you a seamless and dependable platform, allowing you to concentrate fully on delivering your insights and expertise.

Per LinkedIn's statement:

“Writing a newsletter takes time and effort, and we’ve heard that the article editor platform was a bit clunky, so we’re introducing a new, smoother editing and publishing experience.”

It's now simpler than ever to format your content, arrange your layout, and incorporate a variety of media elements such as images, videos, and links.

You now have the option to save your works in progress as drafts, providing the opportunity to gather feedback and seek a second opinion before going live. With customization options, you can tailor your article's publication schedule to align with the times when your community is most active. Additionally, you can maximize your content's reach by adding an SEO title and description for search engine optimization.

Managing Multiple Newsletters Within a Single Account

LinkedIn understands that many experts possess diverse knowledge areas, each catering to a unique audience. As a response, LinkedIn has decided to introduce the capability to host multiple newsletters. You are no longer limited to a single interest area.

Any member or Company via Pages can now manage up to five newsletters, each with its distinct topics, designs, and posting frequencies. This feature empowers you to enhance relevance and engagement across the board.

Automated Subscriber Follows

To broaden your reach and discoverability among relevant audiences, LinkedIn has implemented a new feature. When a member subscribes to your newsletter, it will trigger an auto-Follow from your Profile.

This helps grow your community of engaged subscribers who have already expressed interest in your content, allowing them to stay up-to-date with all your updates, including Feed posts, LinkedIn Live events, and more.

These enhancements build upon recent updates aimed at increasing your reach and growing your subscriber base, including one-click subscribe and improved visibility in search results. With just a simple click, existing and potential readers can subscribe to your newsletter directly from LinkedIn or any other platform where you choose to share the link, be it on social media, via email, or anywhere on the web. Additionally, when members search for you, they'll instantly see your newsletter in the results and can subscribe with just one click.

Final Words

It's clear that newsletters have become a powerful medium for learning, exploration, and professional growth. LinkedIn's dedication to these enhancements, alongside recent updates, reaffirms its commitment to expanding your reach and growing your subscriber base with ease.

So, if you've been considering starting your own newsletter, now is the perfect time to dive in! Not sure where to begin with your own newsletter? Click here to get started!


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