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How To Strategically Target International Audiences?

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Have you ever thought about targeting internationally? I mean, you probably have if you’re here reading this article. 

Now, for those still unsure about going global when things are going well locally, let's dive into why it’s a necessity. Imagine you've got 10,000 customers in your hometown. That’s a lot, right?! Now, think about how much more you could achieve if you expanded globally.

Expanding internationally isn't just for big corporations; it's a way to open up new possibilities and connect with people worldwide. So, why not consider the potential of reaching beyond your local success and tapping into the global market? It might just be the next smart move for your business.

So, the big question is, how do you learn about and connect with people all over the world to give your business that boost? Well, that's the puzzle we're going to solve in this article. Keep on reading!

Exploring Your Global Market: A Vital First Step

Two women discussing the first step to targeting international audiences

Digging into your international market before taking the plunge is crucial. I get it– for most product entrepreneurs in the fast lane, the idea of hitting the brakes and not jumping straight into the selling game seems a bit dull. But here's the deal – before you commit your hard-earned money, this step is absolutely critical. Wondering why? Let me break it down for you.

Consider this– would you enter into any new relationship or sign a contract without doing your homework first? What if you were about to drop some serious cash on a fancy piece of tech? You'd want to know how it works before spending your money, right?

It's not just about understanding the risks; it's about sizing up the potential rewards! You want to weigh the benefits and decide if it's worth the effort. Maybe there are simpler or better options out there.

Launching your services or products to an international audience is no exception. Putting your business on the global stage and introducing your products to a new crowd who doesn't know you yet is a significant move. Research and testing are the keys to making it a success.

Start with a Basic Test: Assessing the Numbers

A group of team members discussing which country they should target first based on their data

An effective way to identify potential target countries is by exploring your analytics. Check out Google Analytics to see which countries are already connecting with your organic Google searches. Where are your current website visitors located? Are there any noticeable trends from specific countries?

Jot down the countries that are already showing up on your website's radar and then dive into researching them. By examining the stats, you've got a practical starting point for your country-specific research.

Next up, it's time to set up some easy tests to gauge interest. This can be effortlessly done through social selling and experimenting with tools like trial Facebook ads. Tailor these ads to the specific country, using their native language, and see if there's potential interest.

Unlocking Opportunities: Why Knowing Your Customer Matters

Understanding your customers is the key to seizing opportunities. Just because your marketing works in your home country doesn't guarantee success abroad. Dive into the culture of your target audience, consider their needs and worldview. 

Conduct market research, create country-specific customer profiles, and analyze competitors to identify what resonates. Engage potential customers through surveys to validate demand for your product.

Handling Language Barriers

When targeting a global audience, language is super important. Assess if you share a common language or need a translation system. Avoid relying solely on robotic translations – having a native speaker is essential.

Make sure your content is available in the spoken language of your target countries. This includes adapting your website and potentially creating local language-specific social channels. While English is often universal, consider your audience's language preferences; if it's Spanish or Mandarin, adjust your approach.

Use online tools and services to address language barriers and plan for translations and local language packaging. Addressing language considerations is key for successful engagement in international markets.

Tracking the Origins of New Visitors

A group of team members discussing where their new customers came from

It's not just about knowing where your new visitors come from before you dive into a new country; it's about keeping a close eye on it during your tests and international outreach too. You want to make sure your efforts are paying off, and be on the lookout for any patterns in those new countries.

If a particular country keeps checking out your content, consider putting more focus there – build some good relationships. But if you're spending money in a place and not getting much in return, don't be afraid to stop, call it a day, and come back to it later to strategize.

When you constantly check where your new visitors are coming from, you are able to keep track of your leads and sales. This helps you tweak your marketing game plan based on what's actually working.

Final Words

Expanding your product-based business to an international audience is a fantastic way to generate fresh sales and reach a new market. But let's be clear – this growth strategy is no walk in the park.

It requires time, a substantial investment, and thorough testing before you can scale up and turn it into a profitable venture. Before diving headfirst, ensure you invest time and money wisely by conducting thorough research. It's more effective to boldly and confidently enter one new international market and dominate it, rather than spreading thin across many and gaining no traction.


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