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How to Make TikTok Work For Your Business

TikTok is often disregarded by businesses because they believe it only caters to the younger generation. However, keep in mind that the majority of social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, started out by catering to the younger demographic.

Currently, TikTok has the highest engagement rate among all social media platforms. An average user of TikTok opens it at least eight times daily and spends roughly 45 minutes each day scrolling through the app. Using TikTok as a social media platform to advertise your business is an excellent marketing strategy and we’re here to show you how.

Research trending content/audio

If you find yourself stuck when it comes to content ideas, start by using the app itself. The For You page, also known as FYP shows its users all the trending audios, dances, challenges, and many more. The TikTok algorithm makes sure there's a possibility viewers come across your content if you create a video using a trending audio. This is where your imagination comes into play, use the trending audio to market your business. For example, if you’re selling sportswear, you can make use of a dance challenge to promote how comfortable and stretchable your sportswear is. Not only that, but TikTok also automatically offers relevant hashtags when you type in a caption for your videos.

If you’re still a little lost, you can go on Google and search ‘Trending TikTok challenges’. There are a plethora of techniques to discover what is trending. That’s what we love about the Internet.

Be authentic

Yes, using trending audio is what helps your videos go viral but if you’re doing exactly what everyone else is doing, you won’t stand out. Try putting a little bit of flair into your videos, let your personality shine through. That’s what captures the attention of your viewers. Using trending audio allows TikTok to circulate your videos but being you is what makes your viewers stay and follow your content.

Try displaying the behind-the-scenes of your company if you run a product-selling firm to come off as genuine and accessible. Simple videos that demonstrate how you pack orders, respond to viewer inquiries, describe your items, or introduce yourself or your staff may have a significant influence on humanizing your business and drawing in new customers.

Find your niche

The term "niche market" refers to a subsection of a larger market that can be characterized by its own particular requirements, tastes, or identity that set it apart from the market as a whole. For example, if you’re a lawyer trying to advertise your firm to the public, you can use your knowledge to educate your users on TikTok. The expertise you impart to your audience will result in you obtaining a large following.

Without a niche, you run the danger of having your content mixed in with commercial videos and popular dance trends. You may exercise creativity under certain constraints by concentrating on one aspect of your industry. Of course, your niche should be relevant to your company or its products, and the more specialized it is, the better.

Use the right hashtags

TikTok search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for your content to get noticed. The most effective and easiest approach is to use hashtags.

If you're unsure about what hashtags to use, enter a pertinent term in the search bar, and TikTok will provide a list of relevant hashtag suggestions.

Although there is no restriction on how many hashtags you may use, a video's caption is only allowed 100 characters. It's best to use two to three hashtags, and you may still provide a description of your video.

User-generated content

Constantly churning out content can be very draining. Creating content that connects with consumers requires a lot of effort and imagination. User-generated content can be useful in this situation. For example, if you search ‘Dyson’ on TikTok, you will see videos of individuals flaunting their new Dyson hair tool. For the brand, this is free advertising.

Create a hashtag that resonates with your brand, encourage your customers to use it, and often repost the best posts from the hashtag. As a result, customers will be more likely to tag your brand when they purchase it.

Utilize paid advertisements

If your social media marketing approach involves sponsored advertisements, extend your budget to TikTok as well. Paid advertisements can successfully increase viewership, advertise a specific product, or just raise brand recognition. You can pick from the following TikTok advertisements :

In-feed advertisements: These brief advertisements pop up while a person scrolls through videos in their feed.

TopView advertisements: When users use the TikTok app, they see an auto-playing video with sound and a CTA.

Branded hashtag challenge ads: Advertisers pay to have their hashtag challenge appear on TikTok's Discover Page.

Brand takeovers: Users that open TikTok will also see these full-page advertisements when a static image, GIF, or brief video of up to 5 seconds in length promotes a brand takeover.

Branded effects: Businesses produce filters, stickers, or video effects for TikTok viewers to employ in their videos.

Use influencer marketing

To boost your reach, work with influencers when it comes to promotional content. Using this method of marketing has a lot of potential, so do not disregard this strategy. A lot of well-known brands have collaborated with influencers all over the world.

Start by compiling a list of influential people in your niche. Avoid straying too far from your niche or brand identity since doing so increases the likelihood of alienating your viewers or coming across as unauthentic. Send them a message to express your interest in working with them and to share your budget with them.

Once you’ve selected a collaborator, you can start by establishing your work's scope on the deliverables you both like. Influencers may write about how they use your products, provide links to their pages or videos, or simply direct additional traffic to your website.

Implementing these tips and tricks is the best way to kick-start your TikTok marketing journey. The best part is that there are no limits to what you can post on your page. TikTok gives brands the freedom to get creative while engaging with their viewers in distinctive ways as long as they adhere to the community guidelines. Mix up your content, be authentic and you’re good to go!


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