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How Interactive Polls Can Boost Social Media Engagement

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Social media users see so many different advertisements each day that it can sometimes be hard for your ad to stand out from the crowd. Generating engagement can be challenging.

One potential hack is using interactive content within your ads.

The reasoning is rather simple. An interactive post–this can be as simple as a poll–is a natural way to induce engagement since users will feel like they are contributing and have the chance to let their voice be known. They have their chance to be heard in this format.

Here are some tips for creating interactive content for your Facebook and Instagram platforms and strategies for generating the most engagement.


Perhaps the simplest way to use interactive content is to create a poll ad. A poll ad features a question and several options for your users to choose from.

A poll ad does not require much effort from your users except to choose their response and see how their option compares to what the rest of the customers are choosing.

An added bonus of poll ads is the potential for the users to continue the conversation in the comments, which helps create more of a “organic” element to the post. They can debate their choices with others. Customers enjoy that type of interaction compared to static posts.

These posts especially help on Facebook since the algorithm prioritizes posts with higher engagement, according to, which helps keep costs down and increase reach.

We recommend that your question be tied to a specific person/demographic rather than one without meaning. You want to have a reason you are asking this question, and it should tie into a specific group that you are targeting or hoping to sell your products to.


Poll ads can be created via the Facebook Mobile Newsfeed and Instagram stories. The Facebook option is only through video, while Instagram allows video or an image (9:16).

You have four objectives available for the polls: brand awareness, reach, traffic and app installs.

When creating an ad for Facebook, log into your ads manager account. Upload the video you’re using, select “add poll” and then create the poll and your questions. It’s that simple! Facebook allows users to enter multiple URLs for their potential poll choices.

For Instagram, you upload your photo or video but have to make sure the only placement is Instagram Stories. Click “Add an interactive poll” and you’re off to the races. Instagram does not allow multiple websites like Facebook, though, limiting polls to just one site to send users to.

Once the ad is up and running, you can monitor its performance within your ads manager. You can see the reach, responses, and how your users are voting.


Beyond engagement, one of the values of interactive polls is how it provides you with important data. That is why we noted before to target the question to a specific audience. Have a poll question that serves an exact purpose, not one just to create engagement.

These polls provide easy ways to get further data about your customers and their wants/needs. You have access to data that can help shape your plans and strategies. You may even learn that some of your previous ideas/notions about your customers may be off base.

Acquiring useful data is something you and your company should always strive for.

We hope these tips and details have helped explain the value of interactive content and, specifically, interactive polls! There’s certainly value to be gained by using them.

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