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How In-Game Advertising Can be a Game-Changer For Your Marketing Campaign

Updated: May 11, 2022

There no longer is a stigma attached to video games.

Millions of people watch their favorite gamers play in tournaments across the world, and games are accessible just about anywhere at any time. Whether that’s via a PS5, Xbox One, a computer or even virtual reality headsets, there are so many exciting ways to play video games.

There were 2.77 billion video game players in 2020, with 200 million Americans playing and 65% of American adults, according to An increasing number of brands turned to in-game advertising during the pandemic, according to

That is obviously a huge audience that your brand or company can try to reach in an upcoming marketing campaign. You want to advertise in spaces where there are plenty of consumers, and the blossoming gaming industry certainly affords that opportunity.

Here are some tips for why you should consider in-game advertising, and how to successfully incorporate such ads into your campaigns.


While the video game space has billions of customers, it’s relatively untapped in marketing. That immediately proves a major advantage since your competitors may not be doing so.

In-game advertisements will obviously be seen by the players of said game, and that can help with your brand awareness and visibility. There are also key demographics that you can tap into, which can be quite helpful if your brand’s product aligns with said demographic.

The average video gamer tends to fall into the 18-34 demographic, per

There is also the opportunity to customize and optimize your advertisements, and you can gather valuable data about your consumers and their interests. Having that added insight can allow you to further customize your advertisements to help refine your plan.


Not all gamers are built alike.

You have your casual players who play on a mobile device compared to the convivial gamers who are using a gaming system multiple times per week. There are the committed players who are playing at least once a day on their computer (these are considered the prototypical video game player) and lastly those who are playing video games across dozens of platforms. These are the individuals who are up to date on the latest gaming systems and the latest games.

There’s a decent chance your targeted audience may fit within one of these groups, but you need to know which group fits the best for you. There is a difference between the mother who plays games on her mobile device versus the teenager who loves to play Fortnite.


Choosing the proper medium for your advertisement is just as important as knowing which type of gamer and demographic you are targeting.

Traditional console gaming (think PS5 and Xbox One) constitutes 32% of the market share and tends to skew male, according to The same article says PC gamers make up nearly 50 percent of the market, but tend to be older with an average age of 42.

Mobile gaming (handheld devices) is a great way to incorporate in-game advertisements since they are deployed into the games and it provides a diverse audience. A mobile game is more likely to have a wider age range than a console since older people are more likely to play a game on their phone, compared to actually owning a PS5 or an Xbox One, for example.

Streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube Gaming, etc.) provide great opportunities to connect with a deep audience and are increasing in popularity.

It’s critical that you choose the platforms that fit your needs and budgets.


A strong, in-game advertising campaign will obviously need a strong video. As we always preach here at Digicom: Create a strong, captivating and engaging video. You don’t have minutes to win them over. You need to capture their attention immediately.

There are several different formats that you can choose from. Pre-roll videos are played before the game begins, while rewarded videos–as you can guess–reward the players for watching your advertising. These are a popular choice for in-game advertising campaigns.

You will want to track the reach and completion rates for these tactics.

One emerging and successful option is an in-game banner since it produces a 3% click-through rate, according to Influencia. An in-game banner can be used in multiple ways, including as a full-screen option in a mobile game or a block banner that doesn't stop game play. Investigate which may be a better fit for your brand and company regarding this intriguing possibility.

Another option is to integrate your advertisement into the game itself. This could include your banner being displayed in a sports video game. There is no waiting period or forcing individuals to watch the ad. They see it the entire time which, obviously, is a great selling point.

For this strategy, you will track the on-screen time along with the reach.

A complementary choice is to use audio advertising that ties into the game. There are music apps that complement the games individuals are playing, and you can create advertisements that can be incorporated while they are gaming. Obviously, you have to change the format here since you won’t be relying on visuals, but it’s still an effective way to reach an audience.

Similar to the videos, you are tracking reach and completion rate with this option.

One guiding principle should be to choose the ad that will avoid disrupting the gamers, which could cause aggravation. You want your advertisement to seamlessly fit into the experience. Gamers are not going to be keen on your advertisement if it hinders their playing.

We hope these tips have been helpful and help you in the question to incorporate in-game advertisements into your marketing campaigns. It’s always better to be proactive than reactionary, and tapping into this market could be just the edge your brand needs!


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