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Google Makes First-Party Data Easy - Who Needs Third-Party Data?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

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Google has recently introduced an upcoming tool known as Google Ads Data Manager. Its introduction coincides with a significant strategic shift in the marketing world, as marketers increasingly seek to reduce their dependence on third-party data sources.

Directly collected customer data (first party data) holds a distinct advantage, being not only more dependable but also increasing in value over time compared to data obtained from external sources, such as browser cookies.

This innovative solution simplifies the process of leveraging your own data for improved advertising results with Google's platform. No more hassle – it puts all your data controls in one place, boosting your bottom line and business outcomes.

Insights Into Google Ads Data Manager

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Let's face it: many marketers struggle to make the most of their first-party data across different advertising channels. Google Ads Data Manager comes to the rescue by streamlining your data management controls. This isn't a tech-heavy solution; it simplifies the process, so you don't need to be a coding expert, reducing the workload required to utilize your data for marketing.

The best part? Google Ads Data Manager offers a user-friendly interface that fosters collaboration between your analysts and marketers. Analysts can effortlessly establish new data connections, while marketers can utilize this data to measure conversions and serve highly targeted ads.

No more need for engineers or analysts to perform repetitive tasks or create complex queries. Importantly, this tool doesn't change how Google's products function; it simplifies how you make the most of them.

Preliminary tests have delivered impressive results – Ads customers have streamlined their first-party data onboarding, resulting in a marked improvement in lead conversions.

For instance, Sansiri witnessed a remarkable 43% increase in qualified leads, all thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of data import. These promising outcomes have sparked discussions about extending this approach to other campaigns.

When Will Google Ads Data Manager Be Launched?

Google Ads Data Manager is on its way to you! By early 2024, it will be readily available in Google Ads. It aims to simplify the process of enabling enhanced conversions for leads and Customer Match from a variety of partners while keeping the core features intact.

Over the next year, Google plans to expand this solution to other ad products, continuing to make first-party data management and utilization a breeze.

In today's complex marketing landscape, organizations rely on numerous technologies to collect and store customer data, making it a daunting task to utilize this information effectively in campaigns. Google Ads Data Manager streamlines the measurement of customer interactions, including those involving Google tags and off-site sales.

Furthermore, Google is actively working on developing connectors, enabling you to access your data from wherever it's housed. This includes connecting with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, customer data platforms (CDPs), marketing technologies, and even cloud-based enterprise data storage systems like Lytics. These connectors will empower businesses to leverage their valuable first-party data for more impactful marketing campaigns.

Embracing First-Party Data

In a world with increasingly stringent privacy regulations, companies that proactively nurture direct customer relationships and first-party data will gain a significant advantage.

Google Ads Data Manager aims to ease the shift away from heavy reliance on cookies.

Companies that prioritize open and trustworthy data practices can utilize modern tools like this one to effectively handle and apply their first-party data.


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