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Google Bolsters GA4's Ecommerce Analysis With 30 New Metrics

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has recently revealed an enhancement in its ecommerce measurement capabilities. They have introduced 30 additional dimensions and metrics that focus on ecommerce in the GA4 custom report builder.

These new dimensions offer more detailed insights into various aspects of ecommerce, including items, promotions, and shopping behavior. Marketers can now access metrics grouped according to specific product attributes, such as item name, brand, category, promotion name, and others. This update enables users to gain a deeper understanding of their ecommerce performance and make more informed marketing decisions.

What's Updated In GA4 For E-commerce Websites?

Revised E-commerce Data Categories

GA4 has brought several fresh enhancements for ecommerce sites, including the introduction of new ecommerce dimensions that allow data segmentation. With this update, users can now utilize the custom report builder to access the following ecommerce dimensions:

  • Item affiliation

  • Item brand

  • Item category

  • Item category 2

  • Item category 3

  • Item category 4

  • Item category 5

  • Item ID

  • Item list ID

  • Item list name

  • Item list position

  • Item location ID

  • Item name

  • Item promotion creative name

  • Item promotion creative slot

  • Item promotion name

  • Item variant

  • Shipping tier

The newly introduced dimensions offer marketers the ability to examine metrics based on individual products and specific attributes like brand and promotions. This enhanced level of detail allows for a more in-depth analysis of the factors that contribute to online revenue generation.

Essential Revenue Metrics

In conjunction with the new dimensions, GA4 has also introduced significant ecommerce revenue metrics. Users can now access the following ecommerce metrics in the GA4 custom report builder:

  • Gross item revenue

  • Gross purchase revenue

  • Item refund amount

  • Item revenue

  • Items added to cart

  • Items checked out

  • Items clicked in promotion

  • Items purchased

  • Items viewed

  • Items viewed in list

  • Items viewed in promotion

  • Purchase revenue

  • Refund amount

  • Shipping amount

  • Tax amount

The inclusion of gross purchase revenue as a metric in GA4 will be highly beneficial for e-commerce stores in assessing their sales performance.

Before this update, marketers had to manually calculate gross purchase revenue by combining various other metrics. However, with this enhancement, they can now access this crucial metric directly from the custom report builder, making the process much more efficient and convenient.

Updated Metrics For Explorations

In addition to the custom report enhancements, Google has also made ecommerce metrics more streamlined in GA4 explorations.

This includes introducing new metrics such as gross purchase revenue and refund amount, which have replaced existing ones like ecommerce revenue. The following new revenue metrics are now available for users to analyze and gain insights from:

  • Gross item revenue (The overall income specifically from items sold, excluding tax and shipping charges).

  • Gross purchase revenue (The total revenue generated from all purchases made on your website or app).

  • Refund amount (The cumulative sum of money refunded for items or services on your website or app).

Google has decided to eliminate duplicative revenue metrics from the Metrics picker in explorations. The metrics being removed are "Ecommerce revenue" and "Event revenue."

Although existing explorations that utilize these metrics will still function, Google suggests that new explorations should make use of the new revenue metrics instead. Specifically, the "Purchase revenue" metric.

Final Words

In summary, the recent changes to GA4 have definitely simplified the process of viewing significant ecommerce data. Marketers can now readily access key revenue metrics without the need to create custom reports.

These enhancements not only streamline the analytics experience but also provide users with valuable insights for better decision-making.


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