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Google Bard Now Integrates With Google Apps

A person using Google Bard on their iPad.

Google is unleashing the next-level Bard, their dynamic generative AI chatbot, which is giving its competitors a run for their money. This upgraded version comes with a host of impressive features that are bound to make you sit up and take notice.

Bard now collaborates seamlessly with Google's own apps and services. That means it's your ideal partner for tasks involving Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and even planning flights and hotels with Google Flights and Hotels. Collaboration has never been easier!

One thing to note though, it's currently available exclusively in English.

You might wonder why it took a bit of time for Bard Extensions to arrive on the scene. Well, Google had a good reason – they wanted to ensure your experience is not just convenient but also safe and trustworthy.

Jack Krawczyk, product lead for Bard explains:

“We wanted to make sure that the way that we bring this to users is extremely rooted in the three principles that we have, as it relates to the trust that we build with our people that use Bard, which is around transparency, choice and control.

So we’re going to start off with saying when Bard interacts with Gmail, Drive and Docs, it’s only when a user has opted in to say it’s okay. And the user can revoke that permission at any time."

So, get ready to supercharge your productivity and get things done like never before, all thanks to the new and improved Bard. The integration with Google's suite of apps is set to redefine how you tackle your tasks and projects. This is one innovation you won't want to miss!

Seamless Integration with Google Apps and Services

Once the extensions with the apps are seamlessly integrated, Bard becomes your go-to assistant for staying on top of your emails.

Picture this: You've had a busy week, and you're swamped with important emails. Now, with Bard at your service, you can simply ask it to sift through your inbox and deliver concise summaries of what you might have missed.

However, let's not ignore the nuances. While Bard is a stellar companion, there are areas where it may still be fine-tuning its skills. For instance, it might not yet have the superhuman ability to automatically locate your upcoming travel itineraries and highlight flight details unless those emails explicitly scream "travel plans."

Another scenario: Say you’re planning an exciting road trip to the vibrant streets of New Orleans, a journey that usually involves a chaotic web of open browser tabs. But this time, you have Bard by your side, making the planning process a breeze.

You simply ask Bard to coordinate dates that work for everyone in your group, extract real-time information on accommodations and attractions, map out the best route with Google Maps, and even create a playlist of YouTube videos showcasing the must-visit spots and cultural experiences in the Big Easy. All of this, effortlessly organized within a single conversation.

Or let's say you're a student working on a research paper, and Bard is your scholarly companion. You instruct Bard to locate specific academic articles stored in your Drive, summarize key findings, and then help you draft a comprehensive literature review. With Bard's seamless integration, your research process becomes a smooth and efficient journey.

Rest assured, Google's commitment to safeguarding your personal information remains unwavering. When using Workspace extensions, your data from Gmail, Docs, and Drive is off-limits to human reviewers, immune from Bard's ad targeting algorithms, and excluded from Bard model training. Your privacy remains firmly in your control, allowing you to enable or disable these extensions as you see fit. Your data, your choices.

You Can Now Double Check Responses From Bard

Bard showing which sentences are reliable (highlighted in green) and which are not (highlighted in yellow)
Screenshot from Google

The last thing you want is to be in the dark when it comes to reliable information. That's why Google has fortified the "Google it" button within Bard with a remarkable upgrade that promises to elevate your experience.This impressive upgrade is made possible by the innovative work done by Google Research and DeepMind as they push the limits of AI technology.

Here's how it works

Have you ever come across an AI response that felt off or encountered outdated information? Just tap on the "G" icon, and it activates a meticulous fact-checking process.

Each sentence Bard creates is carefully checked against the vast knowledge on the web through Google Search to make sure it's accurate. Plus, you can actively explore more by clicking on highlighted phrases for additional information.

And when Bard encounters uncertainty, it doesn't hide it. Instead, it boldly highlights potentially uncertain parts of its response in vivid orange. Think of it as your AI truth indicator, alerting you when the AI might be venturing into speculative territory, offering answers without a robust foundation of supporting data. This addresses a common challenge in modern AI, where overconfidence can lead to inaccuracies.

Share Conversations

A person sharing Google Bard chat and its asking to continue the conversation.
Screenshot from Google

Here's another exciting update: Bard users can now join forces and collaborate seamlessly. If someone shares a Bard chat with you using a public link, and you can not only pick up the conversation but also have the freedom to ask Bard further questions on the same topic. It's like an ongoing dialogue that sparks creativity and idea sharing, all thanks to Google's innovation.

But that's not all. Google is also breaking down language barriers by expanding Bard's existing English language features to over 40 new languages. Now, you can upload images with Google Lens, receive image-based responses from Search, and even fine-tune Bard's answers, making Bard more accessible and versatile than ever before. The world of collaboration and communication just got a whole lot bigger.

Final Words

With these new enhancements, Bard is better equipped than ever to assist you in bringing your unique ideas to life. Explore these latest features by visiting


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