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Free Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Should Know About in 2024

Google Chrome logo on a smartphone

Can you believe Google Chrome started way back in 2008? That's 16 years ago! It's wild, right? Since then, web browsers have been improving each year, and now there are thousands of them to choose from. 

Let's check out some of the best Chrome extensions for marketers in 2024. If you're among the 3.22 billion people using Google Chrome, this is an article you’d want to stick around for. 

With so many options out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed. You need to figure out which ones are really useful and which ones you can skip and we’re here to guide you through that!

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are additional features you can add to your Chrome web browser. They give your browser added features and improved security.

These extensions allow you to perform specific tasks, such as blocking ads, checking the weather, or modifying the appearance of certain websites. Essentially, they act as enhancements, improving and customizing your overall browsing experience.

Take Adblock, for example. It puts a stop to those pesky ads on websites (we get it, they can be super annoying), making your internet experience faster and smoother.

Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2024

Google Page Analytics

Google Page Analytics is a helpful tool you can add to your Chrome browser. Once installed, it provides information about how people interact with the webpage you're looking at. Some of the data shows up above the page, and some right on the page itself (if it's a site that uses your analytics code). 

So, for every page you visit, you can easily see the details from Google Analytics, as long as that page is being tracked.  The extension also shows statistics like how many people viewed the page, how many are new visitors, how long people stay on the page, if they leave right away (bounce rate), and even real-time data on who's looking at the page at that very moment. 

It also gives you details about where people are clicking on links and buttons. It's an easy way to have a quick overview of how a webpage is doing.


If you're a content writer or someone who crafts a lot of text, you need Grammarly

It acts as a virtual proofreader in your browser. Once you add this extension, it helps catch typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors in almost everything you type – whether it's on Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, or other sites. 

But wait, it gets better. Grammarly doesn't just point out misspelled words; it can also catch instances where you're using a word incorrectly. Keep in mind, though, that Grammarly works its magic specifically for English writing. It's a tool that suggests better ways to phrase things, making your writing more polished and impressive.

Awesome Screenshot

If you need a solid tool for taking screenshots on Chrome, Awesome Screenshot is your best bet. Why do we love it? It's not just good for taking screenshots of your computer screen or a webpage; it also lets you blur out any private info you don't want others to see!

Plus, if you ever want to record and share what you're doing online, this extension is perfect for capturing your browsing sessions. Talk about being versatile!


If you're involved with social media, like being a social media manager, Buffer is a useful tool for handling and scheduling your posts. You can easily plan and schedule your tweets, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn posts with just a click. 

It's got features that help you keep an eye on how well your posts are doing, collaborate with your team, and make the most out of your social media accounts. Whether you want to share a blog right away or save it for later, Buffer lets you do it seamlessly on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

It's also great for working with your team to plan social media campaigns and keep track of important metrics.

Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

If you're curious about how fast a website loads, the Google PageSpeed Insights Chrome Extension is your go-to. It gives you an instant score for how fast a site is on both mobile and desktop. 

Speed, as you probably already know, is important because if a site is slow, people might exit. This means your site would have a higher-than-usual bounce rate and that’s bad news for SEO. In fact, if a webpage takes over three seconds to load, 40% of people said they'd just move on.

This extension shows you how well a website is performing and gives you details like when you first see something on the page, how quickly you can start clicking, and other key information. 


If you're just in need of a quick graphic that can be done easily, or if you simply want to make a small edit on an existing graphic, Canva is just what you need! It's a must-have for every marketer, letting you create amazing graphics for your social media headers, posts, blogs, emails, and more.

And the Canva Chrome extension? It makes sharing and publishing your designs a breeze with just one click!

Google SERP Counter

The Google SERP Counter acts as your assistant in finding out where a website or blog ranks on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It simply adds a number next to the result, telling you its position on the SERP. 

This is useful because it saves you from manually figuring out the ranking, saving time. It's a quick way to see how well a site is doing on the search page. And hey, it's popular too, with over 20,000 users relying on it to easily spot the SERP position.

Final Words

You don't necessarily have to incorporate all the extensions listed here into your routine. However, choosing a handful that aligns with your tasks and taking the time to understand how they function can be a significant time-saver in the long haul. 

Experiment with them, see what works best for you, and streamline your work process. Happy trying!


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