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Diversifying away from Facebook? Try Quora…

In the never-ending search for different platforms and social mediums that can provide the most-effective ad campaign, Quora offers a potentially intriguing opportunity.

Quora markets itself as having more than 300 million monthly users, and there’s a clear indication that it attracts a wealthy and/or intelligent audience. Their business page lists Quora users to be 65% more likely to “report a college degree,” 37% more likely to be a manager and 54% more likely to have an annual household income which exceeds $100,000.

A Hanapin Marketing “The State of Paid Social” report from 2019 stated that the numbers of marketers using Quora had increased nearly four times compared to the previous year.

One of the main reasons to consider Quora is the cost-effectiveness of the platform, compared to others that may take up more of your allotted budget. The minimum daily budget is just $5.

Here are some tips for how to incorporate Quora into your advertising campaigns:


Unlike a larger platform with a guaranteed audience such as Google or perhaps even Facebook, you need to make sure that your target customers are using Quora. Using a platform that doesn’t appeal to your audience would be an unwise investment.

Quora offers the opportunity to do a trial run of sorts for free. Sign up for an account, open the pixels and conversions tab and then click the “setup pixel” tab. There are two options: manual installation or with a partner, the latter being easier since it can utilize Google Tag Manager.

Next, you copy the pixel ID that is provided and head to Google Tag Manager. Click the tags tab and create a new thread. Make sure you choose the Quora pixel for the tag classification, use the Pixel ID that was provided and choose “All Pages.” Name your tag and you’re good to go!

To dive even deeper, you can see how much of your audience is already using Quora.

Backtrack to where you selected the pixels and conversions tab and instead choose “audiences” and then create an audience. Choose “List Match,” provide the information about this audience and upload a CSV file that contains the emails of your client base.

A high crossover percentage can lead to list match targeted campaigns or lookalike campaigns. Quora requires 3,000 users before a lookalike campaign can be utilized.


Since Quora is utilized to help individuals find answers to pressing questions, it’s important to make sure you have the correct questions and topics that align with your campaign. You want the answers to their questions to help fuel engagement with your company or brand.

The simplest way to conduct this research is by searching for narrow questions and/or topics that align with your advertising campaign. It’s important to check how many people are following this question, since that indicates whether it’s a popular topic or more granular. You want to target questions that have tons of followers, since that obviously has a grander audience.

That’s not to say, however, that questions with smaller followers are not worth pursuing. Make sure to click the ellipses in the right corner and select the “View Stats and Log.” This allows you to see the total views on the question, along with the last time it was followed. You also have the option to follow the topic privately while you gather data, via the ellipses tab.

Following questions is a useful tool since you can monitor whether that question is gaining popularity, keep a list of relevant questions and even see what Quora users want to know about competition. Knowing those details can help your company perhaps provide better answers.


If searching for topics is proving challenging or perhaps you have some more cash to spend, you can instead try to target specific topics. Targets allows for a broades search compared to the individual questions, which may only be useful for that particular query.

Once again, Quora allows for you to research topics free of charge. Create a new campaign, including your budget and a name, and then choose “Topics” as the targeting type. You can then list in keywords to find related topics, and choose the ones you feel are more relevant. The process can be made easier by using the “Bulk Add” link in the right corner of the page.

Once you’ve chosen your list, make sure to review the targeting criteria to see how much outreach your advertisement may potentially have. This can reveal whether or not your targeted audience will see your advertisement, and also whether or not your audience uses Quora.

You can also look at competitor topics in a more affordable fashion and even user behavior, which allows you to focus on the actions that may align with your company.

If neither topic or question targeting is providing what you are looking for, you can try interest targeting. This uses historical behavior to help set up ads if that individual has visited or answered questions related to your advertisement in the past.


Once you have your plan set with how to best use a Quora ad campaign, it’s time to put it into work. Click “create campaign,” provide the name and choose from one of these four objectives: conversions, app installs, traffic and awareness. You can then set up your daily minimum budget – a reminder that it starts at $5 – and the schedule for your campaign.

Then, it’s onto the ad set. Select from contextual (which includes topics, keywords and questions), audience, behavioral or broad targeting. You can also target specific locations, and even target devices, mobile platforms and various desktop browsers.

You then decide whether to optimize your ad delivery based on clicks or impressions before setting a bid. You’re now onto the advertisement, where you enter a name and then choose whether to insert an image ad, texas or or promote an answer. Provide the details about the advertisement and the URL, add a payment method and you’re good to go.

Your advertisement can include a 1200 x 628 image, providing plenty of space!

While you may not have thought of Quora before, the opportunity is certainly there to target interested audiences. The ability to conduct all this research for free is an added bonus, so you don’t have to waste money potentially searching for an audience that may not exist.

Quora could be just what your next ad campaign needs!


Well, aren’t we glad you asked! DigiCom is a proud Quora partner Marketing Partner. We’re obsessive data-driven marketers pulling from multi-disciplinary strategies to unlock scale. We buy media across all Quora placements, provide creative solutions alongside content creation, and conversion rate optimizations. We pride ourselves on your successes and will stop at nothing to help you grow.


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