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Digital Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Next Campaign

Whether you’re searching for ways to improve an already successful digital marketing campaign or looking for advice on how to retool your next promotion, there are always tips and trends to follow that can elevate your great ideas and help make them even better.

Here at Digicom, we’re committed to helping ensure your company’s/brand’s next digital marketing campaign is as efficient and successful as possible. Here are some tips to follow and potential strategies to implement for your next digital marketing campaign.


While there are so many new and exciting social media platforms, don’t forget about two of the simplest and easiest ways to market your product: email and regular mail.

Yes, even in 2022 you want to ensure that you are still placing resources into these classics.

Email campaigns are simple, personalized and provide privacy. Litmus reports 70% of brands have increased their email marketing and 37% will up their email marketing budgets this year.

You want to make sure you’re spending time ensuring your marketing emails are strong and don’t just end up in the trash or the spam folder..

Along the same lines, spend time and resources on traditional mailing efforts. Yes, mail may seem outdated when everyone can access deals and ads through their mobile devices. But there’s a larger audience that is accessible since everyone still receives mailing.

You also have a chance to grab their attention in a unique way–perhaps nostalgic–that may get overlooked in today’s digital/viral video world.

One recommendation: Consider postcards. They are simple and budget-efficient ways to help optimize your potential profits due to increasing expenses in other advertising avenues.


Email is still a great tool, but you need great video assets to truly thrive in today’s digital marketing space. It’s rare to find a person who doesn’t watch video on their phone or computer, and individuals now have the chance to become viral stars by creating videos.

A compelling, catch or viral video can go a long way toward ensuring success for your digital marketing campaign. Video can help add and retain customers and increase profit.

You want to seriously consider upping your video budget, if you haven’t already.


Engaging, compelling content is always critical.

Tell a great story with your marketing campaign!

Focus on your customers. Explain the value you will add to their add with your brand’s product/s. Whether that’s by tugging at their emotional or nostalgia strings, you need a great story that is captivating and hooks their attention right away.

Remember that consumers are not likely to give you a ton of time. You want an engaging piece of content that will keep them from swiping to the next attraction.

A great story will help the cause.


If your company utilizes free loyalty programs, it may be time to begin preparing for paid membership programs that provide more benefits.

While loyalty programs certainly have their advantages, a membership program provides more financial benefits for your company and the customers. Having exclusive sales and benefits for members adds value to their lives and makes them more likely to join.

The key is to obviously have a product/s that stands out and is worth a membership fee.

Along these lines, brainstorm creative ways to offer benefits to your customers beyond just discounts that may just be a one-time transaction. Benefits and experiences that can be replicated (free shipping, personalization) provide more value than a one-time discount.

We can’t stress enough: You need to add value to your customers’ lives!


You always want to be proactive rather than reactionary.

With all the insight and data available at a finger-snap, your business has the chance to mold your campaigns and adjust. You want to be ahead of the curve, not behind it.

Be sure to study the data and feedback and make changes earlier rather than later. You no longer need to wait like you had to in the past. Having a strong database of first-party data is critical since it could be costlier to access outside data compared to your own internal numbers.

This advice particularly applies to your campaigns on Facebook/Meta and the Metaverse. Be sure to keep tabs on how your campaigns are faring as Facebook shifts. How Facebook fares moving forward will have a direct effect on how your marketing campaigns are received.

Follow these tips and strategies and hopefully, your next digital marketing campaign will be your best one yet!


Well, aren’t we glad you asked! DigiCom is a proud Facebook Marketing Partner. We’re obsessive data-driven marketers pulling from multi-disciplinary strategies to unlock scale. We buy media across all Facebook platforms and placements, provide creative solutions alongside content creation, and conversion rate optimizations. We pride ourselves on your successes and will stop at nothing to help you grow.


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