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Demand Gen Campaigns Arriving October 2023, Rivaling Google Discovery Ads

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Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads liaison, shared this exciting news on August 15th through her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

This change is all part of Google's ongoing journey towards embracing artificial intelligence in its advertising landscape. So, what exactly are Demand Gen ads, and what does this transition entail? Keep reading to get the lowdown on what to expect and when it's happening.

Enhanced Demand Gen Capabilities for Exceptional Performance

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According to a Google survey, one out of every three consumers admits to buying something they weren't originally searching for on Google feeds like Discover and Gmail. Additionally, a whopping 86% of Gen Z users credit YouTube with helping them uncover products they're interested in. That's where Demand Gen campaigns step in, offering a range of potent tools tailored for today's social marketers.

Diverse Ad Formats in One Campaign

With Demand Gen, you have the freedom to flex your creative muscles by using various ad formats all within a single campaign. This includes everything from short-form videos to carousels, portraits, and square images – giving you the power to engage your audience in multiple ways.

Expand Your Reach with Lookalike Segments

When you bring your first-party data to the table, Google steps in to handle the rest. Your data will be compared with Google's extensive array of audience intent and interest signals, enabling you to uncover potential customers who closely resemble your already-engaged audience. It's like finding kindred spirits based on factors like past purchases, website and app activity, or YouTube engagement.

Performance Tailored to Your Objectives

Just like with Discovery ads, Demand Gen campaigns allow you to optimize for conversions or employ value-based bidding strategies. If your aim is to draw high-value visitors to your website, you can opt for Maximize Clicks bidding to drive site visits and actions.

Launch Campaigns with New Ad Preview Features

The campaign launch process has been streamlined, featuring a redesigned workflow and new ad previews. This allows you, the advertiser, to easily visualize how your creatives will appear across different platforms. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to fine-tune ad placements for optimal results through A/B experimentation.

These new features are a game-changer for social marketers, helping you reach a broader audience and achieve your marketing goals more effectively.

What to Expect from the Discovery Ads Upgrade

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Let's break down the upcoming changes and what you can anticipate to get you geared up for these upgrades:

You can now sign up for the Demand Gen beta to level up your Discovery ads game. Once you're part of the beta, you'll gain access to creating shiny new Demand Gen campaigns packed with all the latest features.

If you're currently running an active Discovery campaign, fret not—once you hop on the beta train, your campaign will automatically shift to Demand Gen mode, keeping all your historical data and insights intact for consistent performance. You'll get to enjoy a sleeker user interface and dive into optimizing your Demand Gen campaigns with those nifty new features.

As we roll into October, Demand Gen campaigns will open up for all advertisers in Google Ads. That's when your Discovery campaigns will become eligible for the upgrade. If you have a Google account team, reach out to them to initiate the upgrade process.

Don't have an account team? No worries, by November, your Discovery campaigns will receive an automatic upgrade, again with all your valuable campaign history intact. Then, you can start making the most of the exciting new features that Demand Gen brings to the table.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead to early 2024, brace yourselves for automatic upgrades across the board. From January to March 2024, all remaining Discovery campaigns will seamlessly transition to Demand Gen. It's all part of getting you ready for the new year, armed with AI-powered features that are geared to boost your demand generation efforts.


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