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Client Spotlight: The Mayfair Groups Devonne Badelt

The Mayfair Group is an e-commerce and creative services company with a passion for growing today’s best lifestyle brands. In a few words, the Mayfair Group creates merch with a mission – their mission revolves around spreading positivity and, overall, bettering the world through honest, open human connection. In their own words: “our purpose is to spread positivity and further narratives that need to be heard through designing innovative content and building an unparalleled online community. Mayfair’s here to be your digital big sister and lift you the f*ck up when you need it most”.

Devonne Badelt, Chief Operating officer at the Mayfair Group, started working with Mayfair after years of trying to find herself in the corporate world and never really feeling complete. While she learned an incredible amount along the way, working at Macy’s, & Other Stories, and other corporate scenes in product development, design, and buyer positions, she found her place when she decided to take a breath and figure out what really mattered to her – turns out that meant doing something that makes a positive impact on the world.

She joined the Mayfair Group and hasn’t looked back. We spoke to Devonne to hear a little more about what Mayfair’s up to and how it all started:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: My name is Devonne Badelt - I’m the Chief Operating Officer of The Mayfair Group. I have been with this incredible company for the past two and a half years and have loved every minute of it. Prior to my tenure at TMG, I garnered nearly 10 years of experience working for global corporate powerhouses like H&M’s brand & Other Stories, Forever21, and Macy’s. My roles spanned from buying, to planning and allocation, to merchandising, to product development to design. Outside of work, you can find me traveling, vintage shopping, reading, or listening to podcasts!

Q: Explain what the Mayfair Group is and how they’re changing the world.

A: The Mayfair Group is your internet happy place through purposeful merch, feel-good content, and an empowering digital community. We want to change the narrative around unrealistic societal standards and celebrate the unfiltered human experience that connects us all. In our world - vulnerability is universal, empathy is critical, and authenticity is your superpower. It’s truly not just merch, it’s a movement. Our world doesn’t stop there- we also offer private label merch, wholesale sales management, and strategic partnerships.

Q: What are some of your highlights working at the Mayfair Group so far?

A: Where do I begin?! There have been so many incredible highlights during my time at TMG. A few that are most notable include: partnering with black artists to create an incredible merch collection where all proceeds were donated to Color of Change Education Fund and National Coalition of 100 Women to support the BLM movement, donating proceeds to Active Minds and Mental Health Coalition from our Answers May Vary collection supporting Mental Health Awareness, being featured in Forbes as a fashion company that spreads positivity and empathy, and ultimately creating a community with a sense of belonging. The best thing about working at TMG is not only the amazing team we have, but the larger positive impact we are striving to make on this world.

Q: Were there any challenges? How did you overcome them?

A: There were several challenges we faced and continue to face every day. The largest difficulty has been pivoting to becoming a merch business virtually overnight during the pandemic. Prior to the Covid outbreak, we were 80% service based and 20% ecommerce – currently it's about the exact opposite. This required some very quick reacting across the team, including implementing new processes from domestic and international vendor partnerships, shipping logistics, distribution, company communication platforms for remote work, setting up an entirely new website on Shopify, and everything in between. Thankfully- we have the most incredible team members who were beyond flexible and conquered each challenge we threw at them with a smile!

Q: How is DigiCom helping you achieve your goals?

A: Hemant and the DigiCom team have been incredible partners to Mayfair. Not only have they helped us optimize our business model and maximize Google Ads return, they've also provided insight into industry data to help us make sound business decisions overall. DigiCom has been pivotal to Mayfair's growth and we would recommend this amazing team to anyone looking to maximize their brand.

Q: What’s the most important thing working with Mayfair has taught you?

A: Don't underestimate the power of positivity, innovation, and amplifying narratives that need to be heard. Our business was built on these concepts as core pillars and will continue to be at the forefront of all that we do. If you are staying true to who you are as a brand, you will always be heading the right direction.

DigiCom is an NYC based boutique digital marketing agency that’s devoted to helping growing companies, like Mayfair, surpass their goals. Acting as both a high-touch partner and marketing consultancy, DigiCom provides growth programs for e-commerce brands and advises across all aspects of customer acquisition programs. We don’t stop at “good enough” – we go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting what you need to grow a successful business.

Want to grow with us? Let’s get started.

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