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A ChatGPT 'App Store' In The Works?

A person using ChatGPT on their phone

As per a report from The Information, OpenAI, the organization responsible for developing ChatGPT, is contemplating the creation of an AI marketplace. This proposed 'app store' would enable companies to purchase and sell customized AI models specifically designed to meet particular requirements.

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, revealed the concept of an AI marketplace during a meeting with developers in London last month. According to Vlad Eidelman, the CTO of FiscalNote, based on OpenAI's roadmap, it seems the company is interested in establishing an app store.

Why Choose An App Store?

The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the practicality of advanced chatbots across various industries. By offering a platform where businesses can access tailor-made chatbots, these AI solutions can serve a range of purposes, such as providing real-time responses to industry-specific queries using up-to-date data.

OpenAI's potential marketplace could bring about competition with its existing partners like Salesforce and Microsoft, both of which run their own stores to sell AI chatbots built on OpenAI's technology.

However, by establishing its own marketplace, OpenAI would have the opportunity to reach a much larger customer base and gain a competitive edge over other AI companies like Anthropic and Cohere.

This move highlights the delicate balance that arises between technology partners when they start to become competitors. Currently, OpenAI relies on collaborations with companies like Salesforce and Microsoft to expand its market presence. Nonetheless, the company might now be considering selling its tools directly, which could lead to higher profits for OpenAI.

According to The Information's report, CEO Sam Altman allegedly informed developers about the company's intentions to create an AI marketplace. However, OpenAI has clarified that, as of now, there are no ongoing or active efforts to build such a marketplace. It's possible that discussions or considerations were made in the past, but the company has not yet initiated any concrete steps towards its implementation.

How Is This News Being Perceived By The Public?

OpenAI Logo

Pretty well, actually! At the conceptual stage, OpenAI's potential AI marketplace has already attracted the attention of two companies: Aquant and Khan Academy.

Aquant, a company that offers software for guiding customers through device repairs, took OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot and made modifications using data from customer support tickets and feedback from their employees.

As a result, Aquant now provides this customized chatbot on two existing platforms, namely the Salesforce AppExchange and ServiceNow Store. However, they are open to the idea of utilizing an OpenAI marketplace if it becomes available, as it would allow them to extend their reach to an even broader range of clients.

Khan Academy, a non-profit organization with an educational focus, has taken an innovative step by creating its version of ChatGPT called Khanmigo. This AI chatbot serves as an AI tutor for both teachers and students.

To fine-tune Khanmigo, Khan Academy utilized content from its test preparation and academic resources. Additionally, the organization implemented filters to prevent cheating and ensure the chatbot provides appropriate responses in the classroom environment.

Now, Khan Academy is exploring options to make Khanmigo more accessible to a broader audience. One potential avenue they are considering is distributing the AI tutor through an OpenAI store, which would enable them to reach a wider range of users and facilitate its integration into various educational settings.

What About ChatGPT Plugins?

A man using ChatGPT on his laptop

Earlier this year, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT plugins, which allowed users to interact with specific websites like OpenTable, Shopify, or Expedia using the AI model.

However, these plugins didn't gain significant popularity, indicating the necessity for additional product development and market research.

To create a successful AI app store that appeals to corporate customers, OpenAI must focus on delivering practical and useful solutions for various industries, such as retail, finance, and healthcare.

The offerings in the app store should be capable of handling critical tasks, seamlessly integrating with existing company systems, and demonstrating tangible business value, making them a compelling choice over established alternatives in the market. By meeting these criteria, OpenAI can increase the chances of widespread adoption and acceptance of its AI marketplace.

Final Words

Since its launch in late last year, ChatGPT has gained significant traction, with numerous businesses integrating it into their operations to automate tasks and improve efficiency. Additionally, companies are competing to provide their customers with innovative tools and features utilizing the power of ChatGPT's advanced large language models (LLMs).


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