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7 Proven Strategies to Secure Incredible Customer Reviews – Try Them Now!

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When it comes to digital marketing, the importance of customer reviews cannot be overstated. It's a truth that every successful marketer knows: in a world where trust is paramount, positive customer feedback wields a unique power. It's the modern-day equivalent of the age-old word-of-mouth recommendation, and it can make or break a business.

Customer reviews have become the compass that guides consumers in their decision-making process. They're no longer just a nice-to-have; they're a must-have for any business looking to thrive in the digital era. A few glowing reviews can ignite sales and propel your brand to new heights, while a handful of negative ones can send your revenue plummeting.

But here's the silver lining: ensuring you receive outstanding customer reviews isn't a shot in the dark, it's a strategy. In this blog, we'll explore the tactics that can transform satisfied customers into enthusiastic brand advocates. So, grab your cup of coffee and get ready to unlock the remarkable potential of customer reviews in the digital marketing world.

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

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Online reviews have become an integral part of the modern consumer's decision-making process. Whether they're in search of a new restaurant, a gadget, a service provider, or even a vacation destination, people turn to online reviews for guidance. But have you ever wondered why online reviews hold such sway over our choices?

Trust and Credibility

Notice how you tend to trust a restaurant more when it's bustling with happy customers? It's the same with online reviews. We trust them because they come from regular folks, not slick advertisers.

Social Proof

Picture this: you're eyeing a new phone or a cozy Airbnb. But you're not quite sure. Then, you spot those reviews. It's like a virtual thumbs-up from a bunch of strangers. It validates your choice and nudges you in the right direction.

Informed Decision-Making

We all want to be smart shoppers, right? Online reviews are like our secret weapon. They spill the beans on whether that fancy blender blends like a dream or if that online course is worth the bucks. It's all about getting the inside scoop.

Reducing Risk

Let's face it; buying stuff can be a gamble. What if that cool gadget ends up being a dud? Online reviews help us play it safe. We read about other people's experiences to dodge the pitfalls and ensure we're not wasting our hard-earned cash.

Comparative Analysis

Sometimes, we're stuck choosing between a bunch of options. That's where online reviews come to the rescue. They let us compare and contrast. It's like having a scoreboard that helps us pick the ultimate winner in the product showdown.

7 Steps You Can Take To Get Great Reviews

A woman in blue sipping coffee from her mug while figuring out ways to get more reviews to her site.

It goes without saying that every business aims to snag those positive reviews and use them as rocket fuel to boost sales and elevate their online brand. To achieve this, here are seven strategies you can employ to garner excellent customer feedback.

Request Feedback on Various Platforms

The initial step towards acquiring exceptional online reviews is to streamline the process, making it effortless for individuals to share their feedback. Include clear and visible links or buttons on your website and in follow-up emails that lead directly to review platforms.

The more straightforward the procedure, the more likely people are to invest the time in providing the reviews you desire. Leveraging platforms such as social media and third-party review websites can also greatly amplify the positive word-of-mouth surrounding your company, product, or service.

Some of the most effective ones include:

  • Amazon

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • YouTube

  • Google My Business

  • Yelp

  • Yellowpages

  • Trust Pilot

  • Glassdoor

  • GoodFirms

In addition to these well-known platforms, it's worth considering niche review sites tailored to your industry. For instance, if you operate in the world of fitness, specialized review sites dedicated to workout gear or fitness programs could prove highly effective.

The overarching principle across all these platforms is simplicity. Clearly and directly request reviews, leaving no room for ambiguity about what action you'd like your website visitors or customers to take.

Seek Reviews within your Email Correspondence

A woman typing out a review section on her laptop to send as an email.

If you've integrated inbound marketing into your strategy, you're well-positioned to leverage it as a powerful platform for soliciting customer reviews. Utilize email strategically at pivotal stages of your customer journey to nurture and convert leads.

For instance, consider sending a post-purchase email (establish a timeline that aligns with your brand's dynamics) and politely request a review. This personal touch fosters candid feedback, as customers perceive it as a one-on-one interaction. Such reviews can be instrumental in boosting sales or addressing issues should you detect a recurring negative trend in responses.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to explicitly ask for reviews, you can consider incorporating a link to an online survey in your emails. Surveys and polls are user-friendly to set up, and the resulting data can be efficiently analyzed. The advantage of surveys lies in your ability to tailor the information you collect, giving you the opportunity to gain deeper insights into your customer base.

Work on Your Timing - Know When To Ask

Requesting reviews at the right moment can be a game-changer, not only for your feedback process but also for enhancing your customer service. Whether it's on social media, your website, or via email, timing plays a pivotal role. The last thing you'd want is to rub someone the wrong way and end up with a negative review on full display for all to see.

So, what's the trick? You've got to get into the groove of your customer journey. Understand when and where your customers interact with your brand. This insight is golden because it allows you to pinpoint the most impactful touchpoints and channels, helping you drive engagement effectively.

Now, let's talk about the sweet spots for asking for reviews:

  • After a product order.

  • When someone's re-ordering a product.

  • When they've used a social media tag.

  • After leaving a comment on a blog or landing page.

When they've downloaded a valuable asset like an ebook.

After a customer has referred someone.

The secret sauce here is to catch them at a moment of satisfaction or fulfillment, so they'll be more inclined to share that positivity in their review. Timing really is everything!

Offer Incentives and Acknowledgement for Reviews

If you're finding that the review faucet isn't flowing as you'd like, or if the idea of appreciating your customers appeals to you, why not consider spicing things up with some incentives?

Let's face it, we all hold our time in high regard. So, why not sweeten the deal and give folks a solid reason to drop a review? Incentives like discounts, coupons, gift cards, or even throwing in some exciting contests can be fantastic motivators. And here's the kicker – these incentives might just come full circle and boost your sales when those happy reviewers return for more.

But a word to the wise: If you're venturing down this incentive avenue, it's crucial to craft a reward system that aligns perfectly with your company's objectives. Offering these incentives can certainly dial up the positivity of those reviews. However, it's equally vital to maintain transparency and ensure those reviews are sincere, not just fueled by the allure of a 'bonus.'

Maximize Your Website’s Potential

Your website is a powerful tool for gathering customer reviews. As mentioned earlier, ensure that your web pages and blog posts are optimized to make it super easy for visitors to drop their comments. Additionally, make sure there's a clear route to all your social media channels.

For those of you running ecommerce sites, here's a nifty idea: think about adding live chat functionality. It's like having a direct line to instant feedback from your customers. Plus, consider employing chatbots. They're a lifesaver when it comes to fielding questions and automating responses on platforms like Messenger, Instagram, SMS, and email.

These features cater to the "I want everything right now" mentality, which is increasingly common. They not only add convenience but also reduce response times, ultimately supercharging your customer service. A win-win if you ask me!

Publicize Your Received Reviews

So, here's the deal – if you've got fantastic reviews, flaunt them! There's no sense in keeping them hidden away in some digital dungeon. Not only can showcasing them encourage more sales, but it might also inspire others to chime in with their own thoughts.

Think about sprinkling those glowing reviews across your website. Your homepage is prime real estate for them, and if you've got product pages with reviews tailored to a specific product, toss them in there too. You could even create a dedicated 'Testimonials' page where all your reviews reside, making them easily accessible.

Take a cue from Wanderlust Adventures, the travel agency that prominently features customer testimonials on its homepage and dedicates a 'Review' section under the 'Our Story' tab.

And here's a neat idea: consider adding a 'Tell us what you think' form or function. This makes it a breeze for folks to share their own reviews and join the conversation. After all, sharing is caring!

Engage with Reviews, Both Favorable and Critical

A man looking stressed at his laptop looking at negative reviews.

Being proactive with customer feedback is a must-do. If you're actively seeking reviews, it's essential to allocate time for someone on your team, whether it's marketing, sales, or customer service, to dive into them and respond.

When it comes to positive reviews, it's the simple things that matter. A quick shout-out and a thank you for their time usually do the trick. But when you're dealing with negative reviews, it's a different ballgame. Let's face it, negative reviews are inevitable; it's all about how you handle it.

Here's a surprising stat: a whopping 94% of consumers admit they've steered clear of a business because of a bad review. However, the silver lining is that 45% of them are more likely to engage with a company if it takes the time to respond to those not-so-great reviews.

So, here's the drill: listen to what the reviewer is saying and come back with a solution or an opportunity to connect with your company to make things right. It's all about turning lemons into lemonade!

Final Words

With all that being said, there's no magic formula for nailing those fantastic customer reviews, but if you stick to the tactics we've covered, you'll find success more often than not.

Always keep in mind that your satisfied customers are your most potent advocates. Investing in their satisfaction is an investment in your brand's success. So, let their glowing reviews be the wind beneath your business's wings!


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