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6 New ChatGPT Features Are Here!

A person using Chat GPT on their phone

OpenAI has introduced several new improvements for its highly regarded chatbot, ChatGPT. These enhancements were revealed through a post on the company's official Twitter account.

OpenAI's official account

OpenAI stated that it is implementing a range of subtle updates designed to enhance the user experience with ChatGPT. The additions include prompt examples, suggested replies, automatic integration of GPT-4, the capability to upload multiple files, the option to remain logged in, and keyboard shortcuts.

In this article, we will take a deeper dive into each of these features and explore how they contribute to enhancing the overall user experience. Let’s get started!

Prompt Examples

The initiation of conversations by ChatGPT is set to become more user-friendly and captivating with the incorporation of prompt examples. Instead of starting with a blank page, users will receive prompts that encourage them to begin. The introduction of the "suggest replies" feature allows users to delve further into discussions with a simple click. Now, ChatGPT proactively provides suitable suggestions to help users extend the conversation.

Suggested Replies

A person using chatGPT on their laptop

Following the introduction of prompt examples, another new addition is the inclusion of 'suggested replies.' OpenAI aims to enhance conversations by providing relevant choices for carrying forward the conversation.

Users have the opportunity to delve deeper into a topic seamlessly, adding dynamism and versatility to their interactions with the AI model. Through streamlining the procedure of delving into different facets of a subject, users can partake in more thorough and interactive conversations with ChatGPT.

GPT-4 As Default Model

ChatGPT is harnessing the enhanced capabilities of its latest iteration, GPT-4. This state-of-the-art model will now be the default option for Plus users, with a message limit of 50 every three hours. The smooth shift to GPT-4 as soon as a conversation begins guarantees a streamlined encounter, removing the necessity to switch back to GPT-3.5 and enhancing user engagements.

No More Being Logged Out Every Two Weeks

Have you ever encountered the inconvenience of being logged out of ChatGPT and having to go through the process of logging in again? Well, that's a thing of the past with this latest update.

OpenAI has reimagined the login process by eliminating the previous two-week logout requirement. Users can now relish prolonged login sessions, maintaining their logged-in status for extended durations. The overhauled login page presents a friendly and intuitive interface, enhancing the user experience with a smooth and uninterrupted journey.

Keyboard Shortcuts

ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts

With the aim of boosting efficiency, ChatGPT is introducing a set of user-friendly keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts, like copying code blocks using (Ctrl) + Shift + C or accessing a comprehensive list of shortcuts with (Ctrl) + /, are designed to expedite tasks and enhance accessibility for all users.

Final Words

The introduction of the latest features holds the potential to revolutionize the way individuals engage with AI, injecting excitement and authenticity into conversations across diverse domains.

Moreover, OpenAI's significant stride in launching the ChatGPT app for Android, subsequent to the successful debut of the iOS version in May, marks a major leap forward. This strategic move is aimed at expanding the user base and making AI-powered interactions even more accessible.

The amalgamation of these advancements paints a captivating picture of what the future holds for AI-driven conversations—a future that not only promises convenience, but also offers enrichment and transformation.


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