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Fostering a safe and collaborative virtual community – one stream, one game, one person at a time. SharePlay lets you share iconic moments in your favorite titles, engage your audience like never before, and be discovered while streaming, chatting, and playing.



Cost Per Lead Vs goal

In New User Flow


Initial Paid Digital Launch. With a focus on Lead Generation & Sign-Ups.

Video Game Developers


  • SharePlay launched with DigiCom on Facebook & Twitter with great success. In the first month since launch DigiCom has worked with SharePlay to create 415 sign-ups at a $6 CPL, doubling all their previous signs-ups prior to launching with DigiCom. This was done while maintain a Lead Conversion Rate of 21.55%.

  • Within our 1 month together we have discovered and gleaned tons of insights into Creative Design,Target Audiences and overall messaging, alongside driving a 1600% increase in new users to site through Facebook & Twitter ads.

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