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Known as Travel + Leisure’s It List Hotel and Vogue’s charming getaway, The Roundtree, Amagansett is a stylish escape from everyday life. Its easy elegance and personalized, unobtrusive service beckon a quintessential East Hampton getaway. From the peak of summer to the snowy, languid days of winter, The Roundtree, makes for the perfect peaceful retreat.


increase in
revenue in 3 months


New User


  • Drive new users to site and improve reservation volume across the business

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  • Since starting to work with the Roundtree team, we have seen a 43% increase in bookings. We helped drive new users to site through Facebook ads which exemplify the benefits of staying at the Roundtree through testimonials from credible publications.

  • We then use our Google ads to help capture our lower funnel users. We have been able to generate over a 15 ROAS in our first 3 months with this tactic.   

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