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Proper is a direct-to-consumer sleep supplement and coaching brand. Their goal is to provide everbody with a chance to get proper sleep. With the help of our team, they've raised a $9MM Series A.


  • Pre-Launch:

    • Set up their website

    • Implement tracking

    • Learn their CPA threshold & revenue targets

    • Develop creatives

    • Build a lead list

  • Launch:

    • Scale their business

    • Raise their Series A

proper prod.png


We worked along side Proper to set them up for launch. They engaged us 2 months prior to their launch date. Within that time, we provided them with website recommendations to increase their conversion rates, creative storyboarding to go to market with as well as budgeting and planning for their media strategy. We launched their teaser campaigns garnering several thousand leads below a $0.40 CPL.

We leveraged our findings from our teaser campaigns and launched their brand across Facebook, Google, and Impact Radius. Over the course of a few months, we walked their CPA down which ultimately helped the team raise a $9 million dollar funding round.

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