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Why Your Marketing Campaigns Should Include Influencer-Led Podcasts

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Influencers are taking over.

Whether it’s podcasts, Instagram, or TikToks, influences are being relied upon more than ever to help promote products, companies, and brands.

We’re going to focus this article on the upside of using influencer-led podcasts and how they can be quite helpful for advertisers.

Take a look at the top podcasts according to Chartable. YouTube star Emma Chamberlain’s podcast ranks in the top 15, while social media star/WWE wrestler Logan Paul’s podcast ranks in the top 40. There’s even an influencer-specific network, Ramble.

You don’t have to go very far to find podcasts led by influencers.

For advertisers, the powers within these influencer-led podcasts lie with the brands they endorse. We already discussed host-read advertisements and how customers have a certain trust with the hosts they listen to. That applies to influencers as well.

Some of these influencers have widespread influence, particularly with younger demographics. Having that influencer, whose title literally includes the world influence, can help lead specific demographics and potentially new customers to your brand and/or product. An influencer discussing how your product has benefited their lives is very likely to influence others.

The power of influencers is why Lizzy Denihan, the head of partnership strategy and operations at Cadence13, told Marketing Brew that the Ramble network is the “most well sought-after category, right next to sports” for direct response and brand advertisers.

There’s also value for the influencers to be aligned with certain brands. It’s not just a one-way street. There’s obviously the extra income that comes with having those advertisements, and it helps to have an added platform they can use to spread their influence.

Podcasts are gaining popularity and are an easy way for influencers to connect with their audience. Having a steady podcast provides advertising opportunities since advertisers want to align with influencers who have a constant presence versus those with a haphazard approach.

Certain influencers also are known in certain spaces, which can be appealing depending on your company’s/brand’s products. You can find certain hosts which align with your target demographic and beliefs, and those can help take your marketing levels to the next effort.

Influencer-led podcasts also provide the opportunity for authentic ads, which is something that should be strived for when developing a marketing campaign. You don’t want to align with an influencer who sounds unenthusiastic with your product or knows nothing about your brand.

There's an opportunity to show your worth to the host, who can then extoll your company’s virtues to their massive audience. It also may feel more “natural” than a spot you may hear while listening to the local baseball game. The influencer can add their own spin to it.

It’s important to do your research and see which influencers align with your brand. You don’t want to spend time trying to have an influencer who doesn’t fit your product’s scope.

One factor to consider, though, is that influencer-led podcasts can be quite costly in terms of CPMs. Using influencers has to fit within your budget and may be too costly for some. The influencer brings the audience and these podcasts can charge premium prices for their services. If you can make it work, though, there is plenty of upside from having an ad on those podcasts.

This also means there will be plenty of competition since you can be sure your brand/company is not the only one wanting to do business with these influencers.

One recommendation is to consider potentially marketing beyond just the podcast and across different platforms or even with multiple podcasts should they be in the same system.

The most important, tip, though, is to remember the audience you’re searching for and whether the influencer meshes with your target demographic.

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