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Why Solving Problems is Key for a Strong Marketing Campaign

One of the key ingredients for successfully marketing and selling a product is establishing its value to the customer. Your product should add value to their life, and ideally help solve a problem. You want to offer them something that will help make their life better and/or easier.

You have to spend the time researching how your product best can be suited as a problem solver or how it will add that extra benefit to your customers’ lives. You have to know the demographic you are targeting and what their specific problems and needs are.

You will want to ponder questions such as: What is the biggest challenge they face? How do you make that problem easier for them? Why would they want this product compared to others? What is the area in the market that is untapped? Why is the problem so challenging? What does a successful product entail and accomplish for this market? And who is your ideal client?

Here are some tips to ensure you are positioning your brand/company and your product as a problem solver who will help your customers’ lives.


You need to start by fully understanding who your ideal customer is, and how you are going to best solve their problems. This is why understanding your demographic is so important. You need to understand the age range, location, and trends of those you are marketing to.

If you know that, you can know how to craft messages that will be directed toward their needs and how you can aid them in solving their problems. You need to be clear and upfront about how your product will help their lives, and why this is a must-have item.

Reading responses you’ve received from customers or message boards can be quite helpful in seeing what your current customers believe about your current product. You can learn where you are helping them, and where are the areas where you must improve.

You also want to ensure you are researching the keywords that are best suited for your product and your audience, and take some time to dive into long-tail keywords. You need to have an understanding of what your customers are searching for and the terms they are using.


We always preach at Digicom that captivating, engaging content is best and that is no different when trying to help with problem-solving. You will want to create messaging that can capture your audience’s attention right away, and sell them on why they need your product. Hearing how you can help better their lives or make it easier will certainly grab their attention fast.

This is also where you can stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition. You don’t want customers believing you are no different than the rest of the pack. Stand out!

Obviously, as we just discussed, you need to have a clear understanding of who you are pitching your product to and what the benefits of your product are.

Then, make your message powerful. Think of a headline that will grab their attention and don’t be afraid to gather opinions from outside sources. What you and your company may believe is a strong, attention-grabbing headline may not resonate in the way you hope it will.

You can use your creative ideas to then explain your product’s worth via multiple mediums. Perhaps it’s via testimonials or blogs or even videos. You want to stress that you are experts and you know exactly how you can help your clients and make their needs better.

Don’t be afraid to change the language in your marketing campaigns to address this problem. It will be helpful in the long run.


Depending on your product, there are ways to continue to help solve their problems beyond the initial purchase.

Offering content upgrades that can be accessed/downloaded via your website is always helpful since it shows you are constantly thinking of new ways to help your customers. You are also providing them with the tools to ensure they are up to date on the latest installations.

You also should be responding and reading the comments you received to help stay in touch with customers and also see if their advice can help better shape your product.

Remember, ultimately it’s the customer who decides whether or not your product is helping solve problems. They could be running into new issues that you need to be aware of, and that allows you to stay out in front and ensure you are continuing to solve their problems.

Hopefully, these tips can help as you create your next marketing campaign designed to showcase why your and your company/brand can be the problem solver customers need!


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