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Why Direct Buy Advertising Can be a Strong Marketing Option

Each company has its own strategies for its marketing campaigns.

For some, direct buy advertising is appealing since it allows for hands-on role in the process and determining where an ad appears on a webpage. Other companies may prefer campaigns that are more in line with programmatic media buying, but direct buy advertising has its appeal.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of direct buy advertising as you consider different strategies for an upcoming marketing campaign.


The biggest advantage of direct buy advertising is the ability to influence the process. By contacting your partner/client, you can play a large role in where your advertisement is placed. This opens the door for premium spots that perhaps are not available otherwise.

Direct buy advertising also opens the door for more involvement in the creative process, especially since large ads may be tough for programmatic advertisements. You should have more freedom to build the exact advertisement you want and not worry about sizing.

You may be able to get takeover ads installed, and even larger load sizes that may not be accessible without direct buy advertising.

There are also fewer concerns about whether or not your advertisement may be used since you are negotiating the price and placement right from the beginning. You know exactly what you are getting and where it will be placed and don’t have to worry about others taking your spot.


That’s not to say direct buy advertising is for everyone.

You simply may not have the staff/resources to spend the time directly negotiating with a publisher. You have to stay on top of every little detail and remain in constant communication with your partner, and that may not be a wise time investment for your company.

Working directly with a site can also limit your outreach if there is only one site compared to a wide network, which can be a problem depending on your goals. Some sites are not that sophisticated either, which can create issues depending on the complexity of your ads.

Be sure to spend the proper time researching and diving into whether or not you have the time to spend using direct buy advertising since these drawbacks can lead to potential issues. Programmatic media buying may be a more viable solution for your company.


If you decide you want to proceed with direct buy advertising, here are some topics to broach with your potential partner before proceeding.

You obviously will want to learn about the rates for the advertisements, and what buy types they offer. Knowing if it’s a fixed buy or CPM or CPC buys is important. Also, check in on projections, and be sure to discuss in detail their plans for targeting. Find out as much as you can about how you can target certain audiences, and also inquire about geo-targeting.

An important topic to discuss is how they will monitor your campaign, and what type of data they will provide. Ask how they will keep track of your campaign, and whether or not they provide viewability numbers. Being informed about the difference between mobile and desktop visitors is important since that can help you learn more about how your audience is viewing your ad.

One final tip is to ask about post-click analytics to see if you can gather more data about what happens after an advertisement is clicked.

If you are going to invest with this partner, you want to make sure you are receiving the return you want since direct buy advertising requires lots of hours.

We hope these tips are helpful and provide some extra details on the advantages and potential disadvantages of direct buy advertising. If your company would like to feel more involved in the process, there are definitely strong seasons to consider using direct buy advertisements!


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