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Unveiling Microsoft's Insights For Universal Event Tracking Tags

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When it comes to online marketing, understanding how users engage with a website is vital, especially when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Recognizing this importance, Microsoft has stepped up its game by introducing exciting enhancements to Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags. These enhancements are designed to supercharge website traffic and boost conversion rates, helping businesses thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Starting from July 3, these enhancements will be automatically activated for existing UET tags. The key highlight of UET Insights is its advanced data collection methods, which provide valuable insights to users and improve the accuracy of ad targeting.

What Is A Microsoft UET Tag?

If you’re not familiar with a Microsoft UET tag, it is a tool provided by Microsoft Advertising that allows you to track customer activities on your website. By placing a single UET tag on your website, you enable Microsoft Advertising to collect important data. This data collection helps you monitor conversion objectives and create remarketing lists to target audiences more effectively.

The UET tag allows you to track various conversion goals, such as purchases, sign-ups, downloads, and more. You can customize these goals based on specific criteria, including the number of visitors to a particular page, the amount of time visitors spend on your website, the number of pages they browse, and the number of clicks on your mobile application installation.

Additionally, you can set up and track other custom goals and events as needed.

Why Do We Love The New UET Insights?

The new UET Insights feature brings several advancements that offer a deeper understanding of user interactions on websites.

With UET Insights, businesses can leverage a robust built-in dashboard dedicated to website data. This streamlined feature allows companies to optimize their webpages and target their audience more effectively, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates.

The dashboard provides essential data, including:

  • Overall website visits and the number of visits per page.

  • Session breakdown based on the country of origin and device type.

  • Insights into quick backs, which are visitors who spend only a short time on the website.

  • Information about the duration of visitors' stay on the website.

In addition to these key metrics, UET Insights also provides valuable indicators such as page latencies, which encompass speed and load times, user interactions like clicks and scrolls, specific details about purchase carts, cart abandonment data, browser-related signals, and JavaScript browser errors.

These comprehensive insights empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize their website performance, and enhance the overall user experience.

Here’s What You Need To Take Note Of

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Activating UET Insights is a hassle-free process that doesn't require coding. Existing tags will be automatically updated behind the scenes, while new tags created in the future will come pre-equipped with UET Insights.

Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • UET Insights are designed to have no negative impact on your website's performance.

  • The data collected is collected and shown almost instantly on the UET dashboard.

  • There is no data sampling involved, to ensure that you receive the complete information.

  • Advertisers have full control over UET Insights and can choose to disable them if necessary.

For a more detailed understanding of this feature, Microsoft provides a helpful help page that can be referred to.

If advertisers wish to disable UET Insights, they do have a few options. Before June 28, they can choose not to undergo the automatic upgrade by filling out the opt-out form. They will need to provide either the specific UET tag IDs they want to exclude or the Manager Account ID if they wish to opt out of all UET tags associated with that Manager Account.

After UET Insights have been activated, advertisers can conveniently opt out through the UET Dashboard in the Microsoft Advertising platform.


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