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Struggling To Write a Great Value Proposition?

A woman visibly frustrated with writing her value proposition

So, you've had a great business idea, conducted thorough market research, tried to bridge existing market gaps, and developed an amazing product. 

Check, check, and check!

But here’s where the problem starts, despite your best marketing efforts, sales aren't taking off as expected.

What went wrong? You thought the sales would have been through the roof by now.

Well, an aspect people tend to overlook because they think it doesn’t really make a difference is their value proposition.

A value proposition is a statement that clearly outlines the unique benefits or value that a product or service provides to customers. 

It answers the question, "Why should a customer choose you over others?"

With value proposition, you can turn interest into action. The right hook will grab attention.

What we're trying to say is, it's not just about the product—it's about how you solve their problems better than anyone else. 

So, if this is something you might be struggling with, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create value propositions that convert!

Understand The Pain Points Of Your Customers

A woman thinking about her customer's pain points

To do this, you'll need to do some research, but you can get a good start by talking to different people on your team.

Customer service reps, marketing experts, and salespeople can help you understand what problems your customers want to solve with your product or service.

For instance, if your business sells eco-friendly cleaning products, your ideal customer might be looking for safe, non-toxic cleaners that are effective but gentle on the environment.

In this case, your business could be the perfect solution for their needs.

Highlight All The Advantages Your Products/Services Provide

This step is easy—just make a list of all the products you sell and describe their main benefit. Keep it short and focused on one key need your customer has.

For example, with your eco-friendly cleaning products, you can list each cleaner and explain what benefit it provides.

You may have an all-purpose cleaner that is safe for use around kids and pets, a glass cleaner that leaves no streaks, and a bathroom cleaner that tackles mold and mildew without harsh chemicals. 

For each product, explain why a customer would want it, such as how it helps them keep their home clean and safe while still being gentle on the environment.

This way, you can clearly communicate the value of each product and how it meets your customers' needs.

Clarify The Importance Of These Advantages

A man working on his value propositions on his laptop

Now that you’ve listed down the advantages, add another sentence to each benefit that explains why it’s important to the customer.

At the end of the day, people want to understand how your products will help them vs its benefits alone.

Here’s an example. Look at these two statements about a time management app:

Option 1: Our time management app helps schedule tasks more efficiently.

Option 2: With our time management app, you can accomplish more in less time and still have time for what matters most!

Which one do you think people will find more appealing? I'd say the second one, right?

It helps potential customers understand how using the product can improve their lives or make tasks easier.

It helps potential customers understand how using the product can improve their lives or make tasks easier.

Connect These Advantages To Your Customer's Issue

Next, connect the problems your customers face with how your product or service can help. Do they fit together? 

If yes, you're ready to sharpen your value proposition and stand out from competitors. 

If not, go back through the steps until you pinpoint a customer need and a solution your business offers to meet it.

Let's say your customers frequently struggle with staying connected to loved ones who live far away. You decide to create a video calling app that offers high-quality video and sound, making virtual conversations feel almost like being together in person. 

This way, your app addresses their need for connections despite the physical separation, providing a solution that improves their relationships. And that should be your value proposition!

Highlight Why You Are The Best Choice

A woman highlighting her brand's unique selling point (USP)

Lastly, polish your value proposition to emphasize what makes you special. 

Do you provide faster delivery times than your competitors? Maybe you offer a more generous return policy or exclusive access to new product launches. These benefits can differentiate your business and demonstrate your commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Using all of the points above, let’s come up with an example of a value prop using an ‘eco-friendly cleaning products’ company:

"Our eco-friendly cleaning products provide safe, non-toxic solutions that clean while preserving the environment. From our all-purpose cleaner safe for use around kids and pets, to our streak-free glass cleaner and mold-fighting bathroom solution, each product is designed to keep homes clean and safe without harsh chemicals. We understand the importance of a healthy, safe home and strive to provide products that meet your cleaning needs while reducing environmental impact."

As you can see, this value proposition connects directly with customer pain points (safety, effectiveness, environmental impact) and highlights why these benefits matter (healthier homes, effective cleaning, environmental stewardship). 

A proposition like this sets the business apart by providing a solution that meets both practical and ethical considerations for consumers!

Final Words

So, it doesn’t matter if you're launching a new idea or improving an existing one, focus on writing a value proposition that makes a difference. It's not just about selling—it's about showing how you can create an easier and better life for your customers.


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