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Remarketing Strategies That Will Help Boost Conversion Rates

Updated: May 11, 2022

We’ve all experienced it.

You’re browsing a site and somehow, someway, the advertisements you’re seeing on this particular site are for an item you recently searched for. How strange!

Welcome to remarketing, which can be an extremely effective tool for helping companies and brands increase their conversion rates!

Remarketing is designed to target potential customers who have already received exposure to your product and/or company/brand. Using code from services such as Facebook Ads, AdRoll or Google AdWords allows your company to obtain cookies that lead to your company’s advertisements continuing to be shown to possible customers, provided the ad is supported.

By remarketing your product, perhaps with a discount, can help bring back a customer who may have passed on buying it the first time. One printer company produced a 203% increase in conversion rates due to a remarketing campaign, according to

Here are some tips for how to effectively use remarketing campaigns.


You need to spend time exploring which product page you want to focus the remarketing campaign around since, obviously, this is what you are remarketing to the customers.

This could be your top-selling item or certain categories, but you must define your goals. There are some remarketing campaigns that focus on educating customers in hope that makes them more eager to buy the product. Find the right page that will help you achieve your goals.

As we always stress at Digicom: You need to have strong content, and for remarking that means having a strong landing page. You need to make sure they see something compelling when they click on that page. You have to immediately capture their attention and entice them to buy.


One strong tactic is to increase your budget for your remarking efforts on shopping carts and abandoned carts since these potential customers were already close to completing a transaction. You want to hit them with advertisements from the minute they leave your page to make them second-guess why they didn’t buy your product.

The goal is to get them those extra few feet, and you’re investing more money since they are closer to the finish line than other clients.

Meanwhile, you should be willing to spend less when remarketing to customers who did not start the sales process or are visiting non-sales pages. Unlike those who placed items in their shopping carts, these customers aren’t as close to actually completing a transaction.

It makes more sense to focus more money on those that gave signs they are closer to actually spending money with your company. Those who were further away might require more time for convincing, hence the less amount of money that should be spent.


Like most ad campaigns, you need to spend time gathering data on your audience since it is critical to target different audiences with your remarketing campaigns. It would not be helpful to assume that your audience is only going to want one product or the same type of product.

See what the numbers say and what your audience looks like, and then create remarketing advertisements that can appeal to a wide range of clients. You can also use different CTAs.

Having different campaigns also allows for further data that can help you understand whether or not you are having more success with one demographic.


There is not a shopper that doesn’t love a discount.

So when considering remarketing, don’t be afraid to offer coupons or discounts to those who are repeatedly visiting certain pages. Perhaps that extra discount can lead to a sale.

Customers who keep returning to your page are, again, showing more interest and more likely to invest than customers who have maybe visited your page just one time.

This also helps with increasing brand awareness since they are remembering your product from the previous time spent on your website.

Sometimes, folks just need that extra incentive to spend with your company.

We hope these tips and tools have been helpful! Remarketing campaigns can be very effective and increase your conversion rates, which is always a great result.


Well, aren’t we glad you asked! DigiCom is a proud Facebook Marketing Partner. We’re obsessive data-driven marketers pulling from multi-disciplinary strategies to unlock scale. We buy media across all Facebook platforms and placements, provide creative solutions alongside content creation, and conversion rate optimizations. We pride ourselves on your successes and will stop at nothing to help you grow.


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