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Management of Online Customer Reviews : The Good And The Bad

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In the current era of digital technology, clients may post reviews on a variety of internet sites, including your free Google Business Profile. Reviews are crucial for both businesses and customers, and they present a fantastic chance for companies to communicate with clients and foster loyalty.

In recent years, the significance of customer reviews has grown as a result of the increased chances for customers to express their opinions and provide feedback. Customer reviews can be valuable to your e-commerce business, but they can also be detrimental to your brand's reputation and profitability. Also, 93% of buyers indicate that internet reviews affected their buying decisions, proving the importance of reviews in the purchasing process.

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

First things first, there is no doubt that customer reviews have an impact on conversion and sales; the better ranked, rated, or appraised your product is by customers, the more attention and potential purchases it will receive. Sales drive expansion, profitability, a positive reputation, at least for your products or services—as well as brand recognition.

Next, as an online seller in a potentially competitive sector, you want your brand to be visible. Your online visibility and presence, especially on search engines, is one of the many things you should pay attention to. That is what search engine optimization, or SEO, is all about. With the right keywords, internet reviews can be very helpful for your SEO.

Consider Google as an example, whose ranking system takes a variety of criteria into consideration. Reviews and ratings affect your position, give essential and relevant information, improve your social media optimization, and so forth

The Significance Of Responding To Reviews

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As a company, you undoubtedly check your internet reviews to be informed about how your clients feel about you. While it may be impossible to reply to all of them, you need to at least reply to some of them, both the negative and positive comments.

Consumers believe that companies who reply to customer feedback are more reliable than those that don't. Responding to reviews not only promotes trust-building but also provides a chance to personalize your company, show them that you care, and exhibit professionalism.

Remember that everyone may see your replies when you respond since they are public. Even if you disagree with the reviewer, you should keep your response polite and brief. Avoid getting too personal or trying to sell something by including incentives or adverts.

What Is The Right Way To Respond To Negative Reviews?

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Undoubtedly, negative reviews are inevitable. Every business experiences criticisms, but what distinguishes you from the competition is how you decide to recognize and respond to these negative reviews.

Here are some tips that might help you the next time you come across a negative review:

  1. Instead of taking a few days to respond, do it immediately once you’ve noticed the review.

  2. Use the client's name when addressing them.

  3. Thank the client for expressing their worries.

  4. Offer an apology for failing to satisfy the client's expectations.

  5. Clearly state the issue.

  6. Provide a reasonable justification if one exists for why the consumer received

  7. inadequate service. Don't invent justifications, though, if none exist. Show how you'll resolve the issue with upcoming goods or services, instead.

  8. Offer the client a reimbursement, credit, discount, or other benefits not accessible to other clients.

  9. Invite the consumer to get in touch with you to address the issue further outside of the review.

  10. To keep things properly brief, end your remark here.

Take note: Removing a bad review is never a good idea. Instead, always follow the methods outlined above. A removed review can prompt the consumer to leave a new review accusing you of doing so, which would reflect poorly on your business.

How Do We Express Gratitude For The Good Reviews?

You don't have to respond to every reviewer if the reviews are favorable, but an acknowledgment of their feedback is always welcome. They are already a satisfied client, so don't be overly sales-focused in your response; instead, use it to give fresh or pertinent information.

When responding to positive online reviews, you should:

  1. Reply as soon as you see the review.

  2. Use the reviewer's name when addressing them.

  3. Thank the reviewer for taking the time to leave a comment.

  4. Recognize the important points raised by the reviewer.

  5. Thank the buyer for their comments by offering a discount on a future purchase, if possible.

  6. Share your great feedback with others. (post it on your social media or even your official website)

For inspiration, consider these examples:

  • I'm grateful. We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • I appreciate you sharing your experience.

  • We're delighted to hear you had a good time - (customer’s name)

Responding to reviews, whether favorable or negative, generally demonstrates that you are an active business owner who cares not just about your company but also about your clients.

Learn from your shortcomings, and show your clients that you care. We all want all of our evaluations to be good, but even the best-managed, customer-focused companies occasionally get negative feedback.

When a bad review comes in, take it as an opportunity to learn how to make your company better going forward (think of it as constructive criticism) and how to show that you are receptive and willing to rectify the problem. Reply in a professional, open, and honest manner. The way you handle a difficult circumstance can have a beneficial impact on your company, and a kind post-review conversation may even inspire the consumer to revise their evaluation.


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