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Is Video Marketing The New ‘It Strategy’ In Digital Marketing?

A video camera taking a video of movie scene

Written content and visuals are no longer enough to sustain brands. With live streaming, interactive 360-degree films, augmented reality, and other technologies flooding customers' screens today, it is no longer fascinating or engaging. Digital video marketing in the United States is a $135 billion business. This implies that brands all around the world recognize the importance of video and are investing in its development and delivery.

Let's get right into it.

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What Is Video Marketing?

Using video for marketing is adding video content into your marketing plan to advertise a company, good, service, or idea. Effective video marketing may help you engage more users on social media and other digital platforms.

How Does Video Marketing Work?

A variety of different cameras

The logistics of employing video for marketing are rather simple. Your marketing department produces videos that either directly or indirectly market your business, build brand recognition, increase sales, engage existing and new consumers, or increase brand awareness.

As a data-driven field, video marketing requires your marketing staff to track client interaction and keep an eye on a number of relevant KPIs.

Video marketing is typically just one element of a larger marketing strategy or campaign. The Internet and social media, however, have made video marketing's function now even more essential.

How Significant Is Video Marketing Today?

With the introduction of YouTube in 2005, video marketing gained popularity. Then as years went by, It became more comfortable and straightforward to view videos on mobile phones thanks to the development of smartphone technology, which made video marketing more significant. Following the pandemic, which raised media consumption by 215% in the United States alone, this behaviour became much more prevalent.

Online visitors enjoy watching a variety of video genres, from in-depth how-to films to short TikTok clips, and the video marketing statistics are unfalsifiable. Almost all social media platforms see greater interaction from video posts than from text or picture postings, making video marketing one of the most effective ways to promote your brand.

But the most important indicator of the success of using videos for marketing is how simple it is to produce high-quality videos (thanks to the software built-in to Android and Apple devices). With smartphones now being able to capture 4K video for clear visuals, almost everyone can make use of this feature and take cinematic video. Because of this advancement, it is now simpler for marketers to use videos in their marketing plans; thus, if your company is not keeping up with the new trend, it runs the danger of falling behind.

With the use of video marketing, small- to medium-sized enterprises may successfully compete with larger corporations. A successful video marketing campaign may level the playing field since an engaging video works well regardless of the size of the company that launched it.

How Does Video Marketing Help With SEO?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) can benefit greatly from the use of video marketing. Videos enhance shares, likes, and backlinks to your company's website, all of which can improve search engine results. Posting your videos there and giving them appropriate tags utilizing keywords and phrases can increase traffic to your site. Additionally, keep in mind that YouTube is owned by Google, the leading search engine in the world. Given this, you must closely link your SEO (or organic search) approach to your video marketing plan.

What Are The Strategies Of Video Marketing?

Now that I know we stated video marketing helps to enhance brand recognition, but how do you make sure yours stands out or even appeals to the proper demographic with the plethora of videos available online? Listed below are a few pointers and strategies to improve your video marketing plan.

Identify your manpower

A young woman standing behind a video camera

To put all of these things together, you'll need a video budget that includes funding for items like video equipment, good editing software, time set aside for production, and video marketing professionals.

Construct your narrative

Every video has a narrative. What is your tale? What message are you attempting to spread, and how would you like to accomplish so?

Be prepared to engage with your audience

Have you ever started watching a video but quickly abandoned it due to boredom? Although regrettably rather prevalent, it may be avoided.You still need to make sure that the audience is invested in your message, no matter how compelling it may be. Keep the narrative intriguing and capture your audience's attention.

The shorter, the better

The last thing you want is for your video viewers to wonder, "Wait, how long is this video?" Of course, there is no universally accepted video duration, but the shorter the better. The attention span of the internet audience is limited; thus, edit carefully.

Monitor the performance

Keep an eye on the metrics and statistics for the video. Keep track of which videos perform best and identify the traits and components shared by the top-performing videos. Take into account those insights when making new videos.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

An individual taking a video using an iPhone

  1. It will be easier to remember and make your business stand out more. Videos aid with memory consolidation

  2. You don't need to spend a lot of time tweaking and updating your content because the message is more persistent on social networks.

  3. Videos let the general public better comprehend your services or goods

  4. Videos raise awareness and subsequently engagement

  5. There's a bigger probability that your website will appear towards the top of the search results page because videos often score higher in searches.

  6. By easily personalizing your consumer engagement with video, you can increase brand loyalty and return customers.

As a whole, it is obvious that video marketing offers a variety of advantages. Every level of your marketing funnel may benefit from the use of videos, from drawing in new leads with enticing video advertisements to converting them into paying customers. So use your imagination and have fun making them! Just keep in mind why you're making them and the influence you want these videos to have on your company.


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