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Is SMS Marketing Too Intrusive? Here's What We Think

A woman checking her SMS inbox to see if she got any marketing emails with a laptop in front of her

Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is making a comeback. In the past, it had a bad rap for being old-school, spammy, and kind of impersonal. In fact, you've probably received texts for appointment reminders, food delivery updates, or even special discounts on your favorite brands.

However today, marketers are starting to see texting as a super effective way to connect with customers. 

At its lowest, SMS marketing might resemble an annoying chatbot that just won't quit. However, when done right, it has the power to form a solid bond between brands and their supporters.

Think of texting as your friendly neighbor saying hello in the middle of a busy street – it just naturally grabs your attention among the wave of email newsletters. It's perfect for building those genuine connections. 

Forget the lengthy emails; SMS marketing keeps it brief, simple, and right on point turning engaging with your customers into a piece of cake.

Higher Engagement/Open Rates

A group of employees looking at SMS Marketing statistics and discussing next steps

Alright, let's talk real numbers here.

So, you know how emails sometimes feel like they're just shouting into the void? Turns out, only about 20% of marketing emails actually get opened – the other 80%? Poof, gone.

Now, shift gears to text message marketing. Brace yourself because the game changes big time. We're talking open rates between 45% and 98%! 

Why the wild difference? Blame it on the fact that we haven't quite figured out how to dodge texts like we do with emails. No promotions tab, no spam folder – it just pings right on your phone, begging to be opened.

And it's not just about reading. People are actually responding to these texts more than they do with emails or social media. It's like a two-way street where businesses and customers can have a real chat. 

So, in the world of marketing, SMS is exactly what your business needs – direct, personal, and getting all the attention.

SMS: Personal, Scalable, and Smart

SMS marketing is about the personal touch without sacrificing scalability.

Sending text messages costs money, so you've got to be strategic about it. That's where segmentation and automation helps.

You need to break down your SMS subscriber lists into different groups based on loads of info – things like order history, where people live, what they click on, and how they respond to the company's texts. It's like personalising messages to fit different people at different times. 

Beats the old-school approach of sending the same message to everyone.

For example: You're a coffee brand launching a new line of coffee makers. Instead of shouting it from the rooftops to everyone, you shoot a text only to those who've bought coffee beans from you before. This approach saves you money and make a bigger impact by reaching out directly to those who showed interest. 

When you slice and dice your subscribers based on what they're into and how they interact with your brand, you get a way better response. Makes sense, doesn't it?

SMS: Your Key to Customer Loyalty

A woman using her phone and laptop together in a park

As a marketer you’re probably aware of this but gaining new customers can burn a hole in the budget. 

Instead of splurging on attracting new customers, keep your old ones. Companies are turning to SMS to keep the existing customer base engaged. 

Imagine receiving a friendly text letting you know your favorite product is now available in a new color or getting a heads-up about an upcoming release tailored to your interests. 

It doesn't end there. Using the power of order history data, SMS tools can send a quick message, reminding customers to replenish their office supplies. 

No need for app downloads or wrestling with website logins – it's a seamless and effortless way for loyal customers to reorder. 

SMS: Humanise Your Brand

Treating SMS as a one-way strategy just doesn't cut it on such a personal platform. The real magic happens when brands adopt a conversational tone.

Think of it as a way to bring your brand to life. Not every text has to be a sales announcement. It can be an invitation to chat or a sneak peek behind the scenes. 

For example, if you’re a coffee shop owner, try this: "Good morning! Just brewed up something special. Curious? Swing by, let's chat coffee!"

It's not just a promotional message; it's an open door to a conversation, making the brand more approachable.

Companies are thinking outside the box, sending recipes, playlists, and no-strings-attached gifts – gestures that feel more like a friend's text than a sales pitch. SMS truly shines when it's woven into a natural, genuine conversation.

Balancing Act: Not Getting Too Pushy

Alright, it’s clear that SMS marketing has its perks, but there's a tightrope to walk. Imagine a brand bombarding you with messages that don't match your interests – annoying, right? You don't want to do that to your clients! 

Striking the right balance means understanding their preferences and respecting their space.

Permission First, Always

To avoid being a bother, ask for your customer's permission before flooding their inbox to ensure they're comfortable receiving your texts. This builds trust, a cornerstone of a good relationship.

Timing is Everything

For SMS marketing to hit the mark, messages should be sent at the perfect time and focus on what interests your customers. 

Make use of data analytics to understand customer behaviors and preferences and then tailor messages to match consumer needs and interests. When you do this, you not only improve the overall user experience for your customers but also reduces the likelihood of coming across as intrusive.

Strategies for Mitigating Intrusiveness

To strike the right balance, businesses can implement several strategies. Segmentation allows for targeted messaging to specific customer groups, ensuring that messages are more likely to resonate. 

Plus, giving people the option to opt-out puts them in charge of how often they hear from you. It's like saying, "You decide how much we talk, and we'll respect that choice." 

Final Words

In conclusion, while SMS marketing holds immense potential for businesses, the key lies in navigating the fine line between engagement and intrusion. 

It's not about bombarding consumers with messages but creating a relationship where communication adds value without feeling intrusive.


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