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How to Use Instagram Collabs to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Instagram recently added a new tool that allows users to collaborate with other members of the platform called Instagram Collabs. This newish feature can be quite a helpful function for your brand, particularly if you use influencers in your marketing campaigns.

Here are some tips and strategies for how to use Instagram Collabs in your Instagram marketing efforts moving forward.


Instagram Collabos allows two users to publish a feed post or a reel with one another that shows up on both profiles and tags both users’ profiles. This makes it much simpler for a collaborative effort than both parties having to create their own posts.

One helpful tool for marketers is that Instagram Collab posts can include purchasing items, making it easy for viewers to see the post and purchase your product.


The main benefit of Instagram Collabs is the increased outreach and engagement. Since you are posting to two profiles, that’s double the audience. With double the audience, there is obviously more chance for engagement and the chance to reach new customers.

Previously, the engagements would be going to each post individually.

The collaboration now both receive the likes, comments and views from the post, which helps with total engagements. If you are partnering with an uber-famous influencer with more worldwide appeal, you are reaping the benefits. Were the post just to be published to the influencer’s account, your brand would not receive the same engagement.

This increased engagement is quite helpful since Instagram’s algorithm is more likely to promote posts with high engagement, according to

One other selling point of Collab posts is that the organic feel of the posts helps freshen your page and keep things vibrant, which can be an issue at times during the year. There is a new and exciting post that individuals can see and may even pique their attention.


For brands, this is quite helpful since it allows for collaboration–hence the name–with other brands or influencers. You can expose your brand to even more followers and perhaps an audience that you are not targeting, and vice versa. It’s a helpful two-way function since there is a clear benefit for both parties and it appears organically and does not feel forced.

Influencers come with an audience that trusts them, and the influencer posting your product on their page is a sign that they trust and use your product.

For some influencers who have their own brand, this allows them to promote their own brand within a post since both handles appear at the top. Your brand can also follow suit by promoting your other accounts within your company, particularly if there are certain notable products.


Now, it’s time to create a Collab post. This is quite simple.

Follow the usual steps that you would to create a feed post or a reel and click on the tagging option. You then select “Invite Collaborator” and find the collaborator, who will then have to accept your invitation. You then can add in your caption, location and other pertinent details before sharing your Instagram Collab post with the world. It’s that simple!

If your collaborator is the one creating the post and sending you the invite, all you have to do is hit “Accept” and the post will be shared to your page.


Now that you know how and why to use Instagram Collab posts, here are some details and strategies to make the most of your approach.

For brands that have physical products, showcase what your product does. The easiest way to do this is by having your collaborator–perhaps an influencer–actually using your product. You want the audience to see how this product can benefit their lives.

This also applies if your company is collaborating with another company to showcase how the two companies mesh well together.

Don’t be hesitant to use a collab post to promote a discount. The goal of a discount is obviously to drive more purchases, and increasing the audience can help lead to more purchases.

Collab posts are also great ways to highlight an upcoming event, partnership or product launch, and can be quite helpful for giveaway campaigns and for causes, including social justice and environmental issues. There are many different areas you can focus on with the posts.

We hope this article has helped explain how to better use Instagram Collabs for your upcoming marketing efforts! It’s not difficult to use and could be quite helpful in generating new engagements. Be sure to keep checking Digicom for the latest articles, tips, and strategies for all your upcoming marketing efforts, especially with the holiday season around the corner!


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