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How Can You Improve Your Visitors' Engagement With Interactive Content?

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Have you ever taken a quiz online to determine which animal you are or which comedy character you most closely resemble? Most of us have done this at least once. There's just something fun about taking a quiz, isn’t it? Well, this is referred to as interactive content.

Consumers enjoy stimulating and imaginative content that enables interaction. Compared to conventional methods of promotion and sales, these types of materials is far more successful for brands.

Passive content alone won't cut it if your business is trying to engage with your audience in the midst of a never-ending flood of blog posts, white papers written by industry experts, and protracted webinars.

You may distinguish your brand and hold your audience's interest for longer by including interactive content in your plan. As a result, this type of material is becoming increasingly prevalent in marketing techniques. Let’s dive right in!

What Is Interactive Content?

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Depending on the type of material, several interaction styles exist. You may be using interactive content on your website without realizing it—any calls to action (CTAs) that compel consumers to take a specific action are considered interactive content. Interactive content includes things like completing a form, responding to questions, and even beginning a discussion in the reviews section.

As previously stated, interactive material on your website makes it more fascinating and may actually benefit you.

Here’s how,

People stay on your page longer when your content is more interesting. Also, it improves the likelihood that they would visit again or recommend your website to others. All of these factors contribute to the improvement of your SEO (helps you improve your search engine ranking and gain more organic visitors)

Google receives signals based on how long users stay on your site and how many times they share your content. These indicators notify the search engine that your material is valuable and worthy of being recommended to other users.

What Are the Advantages of Incorporating Interactive Content?

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Beyond simply lengthening users' stays on the website, interactive material has other benefits. The following are some more key advantages interactive material may offer for your company or brand:

Boost conversion rates

Increased engagement on your website may result in more conversions. By perusing your material, clients and consumers that are involved are more immersed in the present. They're not just scrolling, considering what to put on their shopping list, and idly searching for the answers to their queries. The same rationale underlies why educators choose projects and demonstrations over lectures. Being engaged indicates that your leads and customers aren't bored. Also, they are more inclined to act when they are not bored.

Creating leads

There are a variety of web resources that may be used to create sophisticated interactive material, including narratives, calculators, and quizzes. They provide lead-creation tools that you may include in your CRM system as well. Receiving emails and storing user information will enable you to tailor your marketing communications.

Lead nurturing, which involves moving visitors through your sales funnel to boost conversions, may also benefit from interactive content. Users will develop confidence in your brand and be more inclined to purchase if you produce valuable content.

Educate your audience

Interactive content is a great tool for businesses in fields where complex information is used to educate their audience. Information that is dry may be made interesting via infographics, calculators, and stories. They can make information more understandable and simplify facts.

Social media

Creating a following on social media is simpler when the information is engaging. By providing consumers with excellent content, you may also increase website traffic and generate leads. This is because if your content is truly captivating and unique, there’s a high chance of it going viral.

For example, the quizzes on BuzzFeed are well-known for receiving a lot of shares and interaction.

Engagement will also increase if you use social media's "story" function and include hashtags and polls. When writing a caption for your post, end it with ‘Let us know what you think!’ so people are more likely to comment on it.

What Are The Types Of Interactive Content You Can Make Use Of?

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A quiz is an interactive piece of content that is already quite popular! They have gained popularity online thanks to Buzzfeed testing and have evolved into interactive tools for many marketers.

They may be used to gain insights regarding the audience's level of subject matter maturity while also educating and entertaining them, generally using light-hearted language.

Also, they stand a decent potential of going viral if they are original and appealing to the target demographic.


Consider making interactive content to offer the information in an ebook to your readers rather than sending them a basic PDF.

Text can be used in conjunction with graphics, animations, videos, and photos. Interactivity and aesthetic attractiveness make ebook reading more engaging and pleasurable.

Landing page

A landing page's goal is quite clear: to increase conversions.

Including interactive elements on these sites can encourage visitors to give their contact information and turn them into leads.


Fashion firms frequently utilize lookbooks to showcase their items, models, photographers, and designers, although they can be used in any niche. For example, you could be a furniture store trying to visualize the perfect bedroom setting. Lookbooks are highly visual materials that are typically consisting of images

They, however, are often static documents, either printed or in PDF format. You may enhance their appeal by creating interactive lookbooks.


Although questionnaires and quizzes are somewhat similar, questionnaires often use more serious language and cover a deeper subject matter. The goal is not simply to entertain, but also to assist the consumer.

The questionnaire might assist them in determining their requirements. The information collected will assist you in demonstrating the best course of action for them to take to address their issue. By doing this, you can also gather information about this customer.


They provide your viewers with a rapid feedback, much like quizzes do. It goes without saying that creating a customized calculator takes far longer than creating a quiz or infographic. It can, however, result in significant user engagement and sharing.

Calculators may include features where users may enter their information and receive tailored results, such as headline analyzers, salary checks, or website graders.


The number of individuals who regularly listen to podcasts is continually growing.

Podcasts provide excellent opportunities for cooperation in the business-to-business sector by featuring either in-depth discussions with influential personalities in your sector or internal knowledge from experts at your firm.

They may draw in a large number of new audiences by providing a more individualized view inside large businesses.

How To Make Your Content More Interactive?

Recognize your target demographic

You can create the ideal interactive components for any campaign by having a clear understanding of the kind of information your audience enjoys. Say, for instance, that millennials are your target market. If you are certain that this demographic enjoys taking BuzzFeed quizzes in their spare time, you may decide to add quizzes that are relevant to your sector or line of business in your marketing. Your audience will be more inclined to interact with those features and your brand if you can mimic the experiences of the enjoyable activities they like.

Conduct a content audit

Creating interactive content for your brand doesn't require a fresh start. Start by adding interactive components to your existing articles, blogs, and eBooks if you already have a sizable collection of them. Are there any ways you could improve the navigation in your eBooks? Can you create a quiz for your visitors to take and then propose an article or blog for them to read?

Evaluate and refine your data

Track the effectiveness of your interactive pieces in the same way that you do with traditional content. You can examine the audience's reactions to the pieces by looking at data and stats. If you're not receiving the viewership or interaction you intended, you can use this opportunity to gather additional information from your audience and alter your strategy. If you discover that any of your content is doing well, you may look into ways to improve it by incorporating the same interactive aspects into some of your underperforming material.

Include strategic calls to action

Be sure to include CTAs in every interactive piece of content you utilize in your strategy, regardless of its type. CTAs assist in pointing your audience in the direction of the next action you want them to take in the customer journey. For instance, you may provide a link and a suggestion to read more about the quiz topic at the conclusion of a quiz. You may also include a poll and a question regarding the audience's experience with your brand thus far on the lead capture form's completion message.


Interactive content may benefit businesses greatly in their efforts to pique the attention of their consumers and boost conversion rates.

Whichever form of interactive content you choose, one guideline stays constant: make your material compelling.


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