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Harness the Power of Data and Optimize Your Twitter Video Ads


If you want to render the most influence on your target audience, you can adapt and embrace data-driven strategies to optimize Twitter video ads. Whether you want to influence people to take action, connect with more people, or roll out a new product, Twitter video ads can deliver solid results.

On a global scale, more than 70% of Twitter sessions revolve around video. There’s a reason people pay close attention to Twitter, and part of it has to do with how video ads work out on Twitter. Last year there was an uptick of 30% in total watched videos online on Twitter.

Contrary to naïve perceptions, Twitter gives video ads the best shot to stand out. But brands have to be proactive to optimize their Twitter video ads and get more people to check out their visual content. Of course, you cannot force or annoy people to specifically watch your brand videos.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the best strategies that can help your brand step up your Twitter video ad strategy and get the best results.

Form a Brand Connection

Twitter video ads work wonders only when they touch on current trends and become part of the discourse. After all, people use Twitter to find out what’s happening. Your brand can connect to current Twitter trends using dedicated connect campaigns to get solid results.

You can expect an uptick of 70% in brand recall, 15% in the core brand message, 11% in brand awareness, and 7% in brand preference. Part of the process of planning and rolling out Twitter video ads is to make your campaigns relevant and tie them together with your brand goals and culture-defining moments.

You can tap into opportunities like Black Friday, Christmas, music concerts, award ceremonies, or sports events to build connections and ensure cultural relevance.

Focus on Essential Elements

To make your Twitter video ads work, ensure your video content encompasses all the essential elements. Sure, it can be overwhelming to decide what elements you can include. Start with prominent branding efforts, and that means starting your video with your brand logo and name.

Similarly, use strong and vibrant colors to show dominance and authority across Twitter video ad campaigns. Use colors that are not too far off from your brand’s color palette. Next, ensure your product or service gets a mention in the first 3-5 seconds of the video to get the most screen time on Twitter.

Also, add subtitles to ensure high accessibility and compatibility for desktop and mobile viewers. Focus on people to connect with your Twitter video ad campaign. Brands can connect with a renowned or local celebrity to get more impressions and activity.

Post Short and Simple Videos

You know what they say in the pictures, “Keep it short and sweet.” You should have the same when rolling out video ads on Twitter. It is the best way to ensure Twitter video ad campaigns are targeted and reap long-term benefits. Besides, the video advertising space has become highly saturated and requires a personal touch to garner people's attention.

Despite the scope and type of video campaign, post a short tweet of over 10 words or 50 characters. On the other hand, post a detailed brand tweet with 25 words or 100 characters. Test between the styles of copy to find what resonates best with your target audience. Also, add a branded hashtag to accompany your tweet copy and ensure your video stands out.

Opt for the Best Partner

With DigiCom, you can have a partner you need and deserve. DigiCom can help you transform your video advertising strategy. You can depend on DigiCom to get more visibility across your Twitter video ads and steer in the right direction.

Whether you want to maximize your Twitter video ads CRO or simply want to follow the best practices, DigiCom can help you find a new perspective on how you promote your Twitter videos. Expect the DigiCom team to be at the forefront and help you roll out the most influential Twitter video ads.


Well, aren’t we glad you asked! We at DigiCom are obsessive data-driven marketers pulling from multi-disciplinary strategies to unlock scale. We buy media across all platforms and placements and provide creative solutions alongside content creation, and conversion rate optimizations. We pride ourselves on your successes and will stop at nothing to help you grow.


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