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Chatbot vs LiveChat: Which One Wins In 2024?

Today, when you're shopping online and have a question, you want an answer right away.

There are two main ways companies handle this:

You can use live chat, where real people are there to help you instantly. They understand your needs and can give you personalized assistance.

Or, you might encounter chatbots, which are like computer programs that can answer your questions automatically, any time of day or night.

But which one is better: live chat or chatbots? Should companies focus on quick answers or having a real person to talk to? And if they're not sure, is it okay to use both?

We'll help you figure out the best option for your business, no fancy jargon here!

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are basically automated helpers for businesses. They use artificial intelligence (AI) programs to answer questions and assist customers in real time. Instead of waiting for a person to respond, you get instant help from these bots.

Imagine this: you're shopping online and have questions like how to place an order or check on an order you've already made. But, it’s after working hours and there’s no one online to assist you. A chatbot can handle these questions without needing a real person. It can also help with things like resetting your account password.

You'll often see chatbots as little chat boxes in the corners of websites. When you click on them, you can start typing your questions and get help immediately. Some websites even set them up to pop up automatically to offer assistance.

With chatbots, businesses can provide help to customers whenever they need it, anytime, anywhere, regardless of the time.

Advantages Of Using a Chatbot

In the debate between using chatbots or live chat for customer support, there are some clear benefits to using chatbots.

Here are the top three reasons why:

Saves Money

Chatbots can handle around 80% of customer questions, which means you can help a lot of people without needing to hire more staff. While there's a cost to set up and maintain a chatbot, it's usually much cheaper than paying a whole team of people.

Gets Answers Fast

People expect quick answers nowadays, and chatbots are great at giving them. Since they're programmed with all the information they need and can access customer accounts, they can respond almost instantly.

Available 24/7

Customers might have questions at any time, even when your business is closed. That's where chatbots shine. They're always available to help, day or night, which is great for keeping customers happy and coming back.

So, using chatbots isn't just good for your business—it's good for your customers too!

Disadvantages Of Using a Chatbot

Using chatbots for communication with customers might seem like a convenient option and while all that sounds too good to be true, there are some downsides to consider too. For example:

Limited Information

While chatbots can handle specific questions well, they can't answer everything. If a customer asks something outside of their programmed knowledge, like detailed product advice or complex issues, they might struggle to give a useful answer.

Lack of Human Connection

Sometimes, people just want to talk to another person, even if it means waiting a bit longer. Chatbots provide quick responses, but they can't offer the same human touch. Customers might feel disconnected and unsatisfied with the experience, especially for more personal or complicated issues.


Chatbots rely on precise inputs to understand questions correctly. If there are spelling mistakes or unclear messages, they might get confused and give incorrect answers. This can lead to frustration and confusion for customers, possibly affecting their trust in your business.

So, yes chatbots can be helpful, but they're not perfect and may not always provide the level of support customers expect.

What Are Live Chats?

​​Live chat is basically like having a conversation with an actual person online. Instead of talking to a computer program like with chatbots, you're chatting with a live human being who's ready to help you right away.

The main difference between live chat and chatbots is that in live chat, there's a real person on the other end, typing out responses and having a conversation with you in real time. The goal is still to provide quick and accurate answers to your questions, but it's done by a human, not a computer program.

Advantages of Using Live Chat

Using live chat for customer support also has its own advantages, including these three:

Happy Customers

Most people actually prefer talking to a real person over chatbots. Studies show that about 73% of customers are satisfied when they use live chat. So, if you want to make sure your customers are happy, live chat is a good way to go.

Right Answers

When you need accurate information, live chat reps are usually better than chatbots. They get updates about your company's policies right away and can give detailed answers to your questions. Plus, they can handle unique problems that chatbots might struggle with.

Personal Touch

Getting a personalized response can make a big difference. While chatbots try to be helpful, they can't match the personal touch of talking to a real person. That's why some people prefer live chat—they want a response customized just for them.

Disadvantages of Using Live Chat

Using live chat for customer support has its drawbacks too, such as:

Limited Availability

Live agents can only help a few customers at a time. If they're handling too many chats, they might make mistakes or take too long to respond. This can frustrate customers and make them lose trust in your company.

Plus, if you don't have enough agents, customers might have to wait a long time for help, which nobody likes.

Slower Responses

Live chat isn't as quick as chatbots. Agents need time to read questions, check information, and then respond. This can lead to delays, especially during busy times like holidays or peak shopping seasons.

Sometimes, there might be a lot of requests coming in, which can make the wait times even longer and the experience not so great for both customers and agents.

Higher Costs

Keeping live chat support running all the time can be expensive. Agents need breaks, and they probably won't want to work nights or holidays. So, providing 24/7 support can be tricky and costly.

Some companies outsource their live chat support, but this can cause communication problems between customers and the support team.

So, while live chat can be helpful, it's not without its challenges.

Conclusion: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Imagine you're a small online store that sells phone accessories. You often get questions like "How much does shipping cost?" or "Can I return this item?" These are straightforward questions that a chatbot can easily answer with pre-programmed responses. 

Since these questions don't require a lot of human interaction or personalized assistance, using a chatbot would be efficient. It can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, providing quick and consistent responses to customers, especially during busy periods.

Now, let's say you're a boutique clothing store with a diverse range of products and customers frequently inquire about styling advice, sizing concerns, or personalized recommendations. 

In this case, customers might appreciate the human touch and expertise that live chat representatives can provide. A live agent can engage with customers in a more personalized manner, understanding their unique preferences and offering tailored recommendations. They can also handle complex inquiries or troubleshooting effectively, providing a higher level of customer satisfaction.

In the chatbot versus live chat debate, it's clear that each option has its strengths depending on the nature of the customer inquiries and the level of personalization required. 

However, there's no clear winner here. The best strategy for businesses is to alternate between both chatbot and live chat support channels to offer the most comprehensive and efficient customer experience.


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