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7 Expert TikTok Advertising Strategy for 2024 You Can't Miss!

A woman taking a video for her tik tok in front of her ring light

Are you thinking about giving TikTok more attention in your marketing this year?

The app really grew in 2023, with over a billion people using it for all kinds of stuff like watching videos, finding new music, and keeping up with trends – even shopping for products. TikTok has made it easier for people to shop on the app, so there's definitely potential there for brands.

So, if you want to focus more on TikTok in your marketing this year, you’ve landed on the right page! Here are seven helpful tips to you get started.

Avoid Simply Recycling Your Instagram Video Ads

When you're thinking about what to post on TikTok, it's important to remember that you can't just use what works on Instagram or YouTube and expect it to do well. TikTok has its own unique vibe and audience, so what resonates on other platforms might not have the same impact here. Trust me, I've tried!

TikTok users appreciate content that feels real and creative. They're not necessarily looking for videos that are super polished or perfect. Instead, they like things that feel spontaneous and authentic. Unlike Instagram, where everything can seem carefully curated, TikTok users want to see the more behind-the-scenes, raw, or even funny and relatable side of things.

To make a big impression on TikTok, it's all about keeping things fresh. Use the filters, effects, and music that TikTok offers to spice up your content. Use the language and humor that people on the platform relate to.

This tip is something marketers might overlook. Nowadays, people online are smarter and don't fall for sales pitches like they might have in the past. 

Capture Attention with Full-Screen and Sound

A man making content for his TikTok Account and shooting it with his iPhone

I feel like you probably already know this but I just wanted to highlight it. To catch people's attention on TikTok, make sure your ads take up the whole screen and include trending music or sounds. Your TikTok ads need to fill up the whole screen, so there are no distractions – it's all about your content.

Adding music or sound to your TikTok ads can make a big difference. However, research shows that using custom-made music can help people remember your brand better!

Using your own music/sound can bump up brand recognition by a solid 34% – way better than just slapping on a popular tune. So, having a unique sound can really make your ad stand out and stick in people's minds longer.

Also, if your sound is versatile, there's a chance it could go viral, which is great news! It means more and more people will get to know about your brand.

Add TikTok Pixel to Your Website

Make sure to use the TikTok Pixel on your website. It's important because it helps you keep track of what people do on your site after seeing your TikTok ads. 

The TikTok Pixel is a small piece of code that gives you useful info about how users interact with your site. For instance, you can see if they buy something, visit certain pages, or sign up for services.

Having this Pixel code also enables you to do important tasks like creating lists of people to target again later and grouping your audience based on their actions. This helps you make your ads more personalized and relevant to the people who might be interested in your brand.

Select the Right Objective for Your TikTok Ads

A woman clicking on the Tik Tok app on her iPhone

To start your TikTok ad campaign, you need to pick the right goal. TikTok offers three main categories:

Get Seen: This is about making sure people notice your product and remember your ad. You can choose 'Reach' to get your ad seen by lots of people at a good price.

Get People Interested: If you want people to start thinking about your business and learn more, you can pick options like 'Traffic' to send them to your website, 'Video Views' to get more views on your videos, or 'Community Interaction' to get them more involved with your TikTok account.

Get Results: Here, you focus on actions like people buying your product or installing your app. You can go for objectives like 'Product Sales,' 'Website Conversions' for specific actions on your site, 'Lead Generation' to gather leads, or 'App Promotion' to get more people using and returning to your app.

When you're choosing your goal, think about what you want to achieve with your campaign and go with the one that matches your goals best. For example, if you're launching something new, 'Get Seen' or 'Get Results' might be the way to go.

Get to Know Popular Influencers

Since TikTok is all about entertainment, it's important to make engaging videos to do well on the app. But that can be tough, which is why a lot of brands team up with well-known creators to reach more people.

Good news is: You don't have to do that, but it's a good idea to check out the top creators in your industry. See what kind of stuff they're doing, what's getting attention, and how they're connecting with their fans.

You can find these top creators by checking out the trending hashtags on TikTok, which also shows you who's using those tags the most. Or you can use TikTok's Creator Marketplace to find influencers who might be a good fit for your brand.

Even if you don't end up working with any influencers, looking at what they're doing can give you some good ideas for your videos.

Explore the Top Ads

You can also see which ads are doing the best by checking out TikTok's "Top Ads" list.

Just pick your region and the type of product you're interested in, and TikTok will show you the ads that are getting the most attention. You can even filter them by the type of promotion.

This is really useful for planning your ads because you can see what's working for other brands in your industry and what people on TikTok like.

Take a deep dive into what's getting noticed, then use that info to make your ads even better.

Take Your Time with Optimisations

When it comes to tweaking your TikTok ad campaigns, it's important to be patient.

Jumping to make changes too quickly can stop you from seeing how well your strategies are really working. TikTok's algorithm needs time to learn and figure out the best way to show your ads to people. If you mess with things too soon, it can mess up this learning process and give you inaccurate results.

It's best to let your campaign run for at least a day or until it gets a good number of clicks or interactions before you start judging how well it's doing. This gives the algorithm time to adjust and pick up on how people are reacting to your ads.

Final Words

Remember, TikTok is all about being real, fun, and connecting with people. Whether you're making cool videos, teaming up with influencers, or tweaking your ads, staying on top of what's hot will help your brand shine.

So, as you dive into TikTok advertising, take your time, get creative, and keep learning from what works. With a bit of patience and a lot of enthusiasm, you'll see your brand thrive in the wild world of TikTok.


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