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6 New Features on Threads That Deserve Your Attention!

With a remarkable achievement of attracting more than 100 million active users within a short span after its official release, Threads has secured its position as the most rapidly expanding social media platform globally.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, revealed a series of updates for the Threads app, aimed at cultivating increased text-focused conversations.

If you're considering becoming a part of Threads or are already a member, familiarizing yourself with these six features is essential to make the most out of Meta's newest social media offering.

Send Threads Posts As Instagram Direct Messages

One of the recent updates that stands out is the seamless integration between Threads and Instagram Direct Messages (DMs). With this update, users can now share threads effortlessly by simply tapping the share button and selecting the option "Send on Instagram."

This bridge between the two platforms streamlines communication and also amplifies the reach of shared content, fostering a more connected online experience.

Monitor Your Liked Content

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Another notable addition is the feature allowing users to access a comprehensive list of threads they have liked. Navigating to one's profile, accessing settings, and selecting "Your likes" provides a convenient way to revisit threads that have captured your interest.

This update not only adds a personal touch to users' Threads experience but also highlights the platform's dedication to cultivating significant interactions.

Sort The List Of Accounts You Follow

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Granting users greater authority over their network, Threads now provides the capability for users to sort the accounts they are following. This feature, accessed through the user's profile, followers' list, and the "Sort" option under the "Following" tab, offers an organized view of followed accounts.

Users can access the count of accounts that follow them from their profile, proceed to the "following" section, and then categorize Threads accounts based on their latest or earliest followings.

With this improvement, the user experience is significantly improved and allows for effective engagement with preferred content.

ALT Text For Images/Videos

The inclusion of personalized alt-text injects inclusivity into the platform's ethos. When attaching an image or video, users can tap into the "Alt text" option to provide descriptive text, making content more accessible to those with visual impairments.

New Button For Mentions

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Mark Zuckerberg also highlighted the introduction of a new mention feature on Threads profiles, enabling users to tag individuals in new Threads posts.

Alternatively, users can utilize the "@" symbol to receive suggestions while composing a fresh Threads post.

Rel=me Support For Identity Verification

Threads has also ventured into supporting rel=me links, a pivotal feature for identity verification on platforms like Mastodon. Users can now integrate their Threads profile link on compatible platforms, reinforcing their digital identity and engendering trust within the broader online ecosystem.

Final Words

The modifications made to Instagram's Threads application demonstrate a strategic step towards enriching user interaction and providing greater content management.

This progression holds significance by unlocking fresh prospects for involvement, customization, and authentication of identities, particularly beneficial for businesses and brands.

Users are urged to consistently provide feedback to ensure that the Threads app delivers the most immersive social encounter.

As Threads blazes a trail in reshaping online interactions, its commitment to enriching user experiences remains resolute, promising an exciting trajectory for the future of social networking.


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