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5 Must-Have Blog Posts for Every Content Strategy

It's 2024, it seems like people are more into watching videos than reading blogs like they used to. Videos just feel more accessible and easier to understand for a lot of people, right?


Here are some recent blogging statistics that I pulled that show why blogs still matter:

  • 77% of internet users regularly read blog posts.

  • 80% of bloggers find that blogging yields positive outcomes.

  • Before making a purchase, 44% of buyers consume 3 to 5 pieces of content.

  • Sectors like food, lifestyle, and travel boast the highest percentage of blogs, with over 50,000 monthly visits.

  • For 71% of bloggers, SEO is the primary source of traffic.

  • Bloggers who prioritize SEO typically earn over $50,000 annually, with Google being their top traffic source.

  • Guest blogging remains popular, with 60% of bloggers contributing 1 to 5 guest posts per month.

  • 71% of marketers believe content marketing has gained significant importance in the past year.

Source: Ahrefs

So, looking at these stats, it's pretty clear that blogs are still rocking it. Loads of people are reading them regularly, and they're actually influencing decisions people make.

When bloggers focus on showing up in Google searches and teaming up with others to share their content, it can make a big difference. And with so many bloggers out there doing their thing, it's obvious that blogging is still a smart move for getting your voice heard and connecting with people.


When considering what to share on your blog, think about trying and reviewing products. It's a great way to grab people's attention, especially if you mix in some YouTube videos or even images showing off the items.

However, don't just do it for potential perks or future sponsorships. Keep it real and authentic. As you give honest reviews, you're indirectly supporting other businesses, which can boost your own credibility.

Stick to topics that match your brand. Review products that your audience would genuinely be interested in or might find useful later on. 

Speaking from personal experience, I'm a makeup fanatic, but I'm hesitant to make a purchase until I've scoured the internet for swatches and reviews. Let's face it, makeup isn't cheap! 

Hence, I often find myself diving into blogs and YouTube to see how products perform in real life. And I bet I'm not alone in this. When people are on the hunt for information, they stumble upon blogs like yours. That's how you reel in those views.

So, remember, when writing these reviews, keep them clear and helpful. Throw in some photos or videos to make them more engaging. And don't forget to ask your readers what they think in the comments!


When it comes to popular types of blog posts for a content marketing strategy, listicles rank high for good reasons.

First off, everyone enjoys a well-organized list. Lists are easy to read, share, and understand, whether they're funny, informative, or anything in between. The format suits almost any topic seamlessly.

Creating excellent listicles involves:

  1. Writing clear headlines to set expectations

  2. Ensuring each point is relevant and understandable

  3. Strategically placing your most valuable content at the beginning and end to maintain reader interest

  4. Selecting a topic that's unique, timely, or particularly helpful to make your listicle stand out.

Here are some listicles examples:

  • "Top 10 Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Workday"

  • "The Ultimate Travel Packing List: 20 Items You Can't Forget"

  • "10 Inspirational Books That Will Change Your Perspective"

  • "5 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Mornings"

  • "12 Tips for a Productive Work-from-Home Day"

  • "The Best Budget-Friendly Skincare Products Under $20"

  • "Top 5 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers"

Motivational Content

When it comes to creating engaging content for your company blog, there are three main avenues: education, entertainment, and inspiration. While many brands focus on the first two, the power of inspiration often goes overlooked.

Success stories, heartfelt narratives, and storytelling resonate deeply with people for various reasons. Not only do these approaches humanize your brand, but they also inspire readers to aspire towards similar achievements.

Craft compelling motivational posts by:

  • Revealing the underlying purpose behind your brand and its best-selling products

  • Engaging your audience in company milestones and successes, making them feel like part of the journey

  • Sharing relatable anecdotes from your team members, customers, and industry peers.

Answering Common Questions (FAQ)

Great blog posts are those that really connect with readers by answering their questions and concerns. 

FAQ-style posts excel in this regard. They not only cater to readers' queries but also enhance on-page SEO and boost Google rankings.

A good FAQ post can cover a bunch of questions all at once, which is super helpful for newcomers. But an even better idea is to plan a bunch of posts over time, each one diving deeper into a different topic.

Make your FAQ posts stand out by:

  • Checking out what shows up on Google when you search different keywords. That way, you can see what info is missing and fill in those gaps.

  • Thinking back on conversations you've had with customers to come up with unique FAQ ideas.

  • Getting ideas from Google's "people also ask" feature and answering those questions in your posts.

  • Keep your FAQ posts updated regularly so they stay useful over time.

  • Asking your readers on social media what they want to know about. Their feedback can give you great ideas for new posts.

Newsworthy Blog Posts

Jumping into current, relevant industry discussions is a fantastic way to spice up your blog and keep your audience interested. The possibilities for ideas are practically endless.

Just stay updated on what's happening, offer your brand's unique perspective, and you're good to go. You can even mix news posts with other popular types of blog content, like lists or curated posts, to keep things fresh and engaging.

You can do these by:

  • Following numerous industry blogs through your RSS feed to stay informed about trending topics.

  • Being prompt with your posts because trends can fade away as quickly as they appear.

  • Incorporating something distinctive that reinforces your brand's identity and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Final Words

So, to wrap things up, it's pretty clear that blogging is still alive and kicking in 2024. Despite the rise of videos, blogs are holding their own with a big chunk of internet users still tuning in regularly. Plus, they're influencing purchasing decisions and driving results for both bloggers and businesses.

Whether you're writing reviews, listicles, motivational content, FAQ posts, or newsworthy updates, there's a lot of potential to engage your audience and make a real impact. 

So keep on blogging, stay authentic, and keep providing value to your readers. With the right approach, your blog can continue to thrive!


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