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MysteryVibe was created to address one of the founders biggest personal challenges - keeping the ‘mystery’ in the bedroom, especially after major life events like childbirth, menopause, cancer treatment or surgery. Their devices combine the best of humanity & technology to help people regain and revitalise their sexual health at every stage of their life.



Revenue Growth

Increase in Purchases


Overcome advertising platforms’ policy challenges and leverage digital channels to drive revenue growth across the business.

Couple in Love


  • We launched sales campaigns on Facebook and Google leveraging content and medically-focused messaging to reach new customers and drive growth. In month 1 our paid campaigns helped drive up total business revenue by 70% and to date they’ve largely contributed to the 32% improvement in e-commerce CVR.

  • We’ve increased revenue across platforms by 115% with Facebook, in particular, seeing a 235% lift. 

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