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Abodus mission is to amaze homeowners with how beautiful our backyard homes are – and how easy adding space can be. We’ll help put a serious dent in the housing shortage, create value for homeowners and families, and forge a future where having a home in the backyard is the norm, not the exception.

3.5 X

5.4 X


Increase in marketing budgets over 8 months

Increase in lead volume

Decrease in CPL


Identify the type of creative that resonates with their user base to help drive down their cost per lead.



  • Creative:

    • We provided several creative recommendations and storyboards with messaging to identify develop new top-performing creative

    • We A/B tested through the creative variations allowing us to identify which messaging works for this client

  • Landing Page:

    • We ran a series of landing page tests ultimately learning that driving to the contact page we the top performer

  • Media Mix:

    • We changed the optimization strategy on Facebook from traffic to lead-based conversion campaigns that drove strong performance

    • The expanded into Google brand and non-brand

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