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16 Creative Ideas You Should  Leverage Across 
Your Paid Ads
Scaling Full-Funnel Growth Beyond Vanity Metrics
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What We Cover & Who We Are :

Raise your hand if you've ever hit a wall thinking about new creative ideas to test across your campaigns. Or maybe you're seeing high CPAs across your paid social ads and aren't sure what creative direction to go in next.

We've got you covered! We work with brands across the world to help them overcome challenges like this, ultimately increasing the number of conversions, and revenue while driving down CPA.

In this webinar, we walk through 16 tried and tested creative strategies you can leverage in your paid campaigns to drive scale and efficiency.

  • DigiCom is the agency partner we always wished we had in our previous in-house marketer lives. We’re obsessive data-driven marketers pulling from multidisciplinary strategies to unlock scale. We pride ourselves on your successes and will stop at nothing to help you grow. 

  • We act as both a high-touch partner and marketing consultancy, providing growth programs for an impressive list of e-commerce brands and advising across all aspects of our client's customer acquisition strategy.

  • Every decision we make is backed by data, other markets, and past experiences with venture-backed clients, and we’ll make sure to explain our reasoning to you every step of the way

Our Speaker

Hemant Varshney

CEO & Founder | DigiCom

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